101 Book Trivia Questions: May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor!

Books can remove us from our everyday lives. They transport us to Hogwarts or Narnia, Middle Earth or Westeros, Oz or Wonderland. They take us along as Katniss Everdeen fights against the Capitol and as Percy Jackson battles the gods. Books show us the best and worst of the world. They teach us new lessons and let us view life from another perspective.

Nicholas Sparks and Jody Picoult make us cry. Stephen King and Shirley Jackson make us scared to close our eyes at night. From fiction to nonfiction, books leave an indelible imprint on our hearts and minds. Whether you’re a burned-out former gifted kid who misses their days of voracious reading or you’re still a bibliophile today, try out these book trivia questions and answers.

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In the book ‘The Great War and Modern Memory’, what is the second part of the trilogy concerned with?

Irony of war

Casualty of war

No answers are correct

Love of war

Eric Blair was the real name of which of these writers?

Graham Greene

Martin Amis

George Orwell

Kingsley Amis

The novel ‘Gone with the Wind’ was the best-selling US book two years in a row. Which two?

1906 and 1907

1926 and 1927

1916 and 1917

1936 and 1937

Albert Camus wrote about who in his 1942 novel?

The Person I Don’t Know

The Newbie

The Stringer

The Stranger

Where would you find ‘Long John Silver’?

Robinson Crusoe

Swallows and Amazons

Pirates of the Caribbean

Treasure Island

In the book ‘Scorpions’, where does Jamal hide the gun?

In an abandoned werehouse

In a dumpster

In the river

In an open car window

Which writer of the past was known as Plum?

Daphne du Maurier


Enid Blyton

Agatha Christie

Who is the wicked pirate in ‘Peter Pan’?


Captain Hook

Captain Kidd

Long John Silver

In the book ‘The Stone Diaries’, what is the name of the writer who takes over Daisy’s column?

Penny Falkenham

Penny Fulham

Pinky Fulham

Pinky Falkenham

Who was the original author of the James Bond novels?

John Buchan

Ian Fleming

Len Deighton

John Le Carre

In the book ‘A Confederacy of Dunces’, what does Santa say she does every day for her mother?


Makes a carrot cake

Lights candles

Kisses her picture

In the book ‘Carver: A Life in Poems’, what did Carver keep on his bedside table?

Dried leaves


A Bible

All of these

Far From The Madding Crowd’ is a novel by which author?

Thomas Laurel

Tom Hardacre

Tommy Oliver

Thomas Hardy

Who writes thrillers about the Brighton detective Roy Grace?

Minette Walters

Peter James

Mo Hayder

Reginald Hill

In the book ‘What Jamie Saw’, why can’t Patty start her car?

She has lost the keys

The car is too old

It’s too cold

It has run out of petrol

In the book ‘What Jamie Saw’, what does Earl tell Jamie at the end of their skating session?

You’ll get better

You are a future a champion

You are a natural

You did great

As Darkness Falls’ was which authors début novel?

Bronwyn Parry

Bronwyn Slarry

Bronwyn Farry

Bronywn Scarry

In the book ‘Driving Miss Daisy’, whose grave does Daisy diligently tend to in the cemetery?

Her husband’s

Her daughter’s

Random people’s

Her mother’s

Dreams From My Father was the first book by which US politician?

Ted Cruz

Barack Obama

Elizabeth Warren

John McCain

In the book by James Hilton, what was the profession of Mr Chips?




Train Driver

Schindler’s List’ was based on a book called what?

Schindler’s Ark

Schindler’s People

Schindler’s Story

Schindler’s Way

In the book ‘Song of Solomon’, who is one of the members of this organization that eventually cannot not take it?

Robert Smith




The scroll wheel, invented in 1995, was used in what?



Computer Mice


Red Alert’ by Peter George is a thriller set during what?

The Warm War

The Dark War

The Cold War

The Hot War

Nineteen Eighty-Four’ is a modern classic, but who wrote it?

George Orwell

John Steinbeck

James Joyce

Aldous Huxley

Who said: ‘Books are a uniquely portable magic’?

Vincent Van Gogh

Kanye West

Stephen King

Mike Tyson

Which western (cowboy) novel was the first to win a Pulitzer Prize?

Western Trail

Wagons West

Lonesome Dove

My Antonia

Why did Cruella de Vil in ‘101 Dalmatians’ kidnap the dogs?

Fur for coats

Dog breeder

Eat them

Rescued them

Which Gothic novelist penned ‘The Mysteries of Udolpho’?

Ann Radcliffe

Horace Walpole

Mary Shelley

Bram Stoker

In the children’s books by Jeff Kinney, how is Greg Heffley described?

Weary Kid

Wimpy Kid

Windy Kid

Whiny Kid

In the book ‘Sula’, what happens to Nel’s husband?

He tries to apologize to Nel, but she doesn’t accept it

He disappears

He is killed

He leaves her

In the novels by Colin Dexter, what is Inspector Morse’s first name?





In the book ‘The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter’, how does Mr. Singer communicate with Antonapoulos?

They can’t communicate

He writes notes

Sign language


In the book ‘King of the Wind’, who destroys Sham’s pedigree?

Mrs. Williams

Signor Achmet

Mr. Biggle

The constable

What was the first memoir by Dave Pelzer?

A Child Called It

A Child Called You

A Child Called Me

A Child Called Him

In the book ‘Artemis Fowl’, after meeting Artemis, what kind of experts does Root employ?





Holding, A Keeper and Home Stretch are novels by which TV and radio presenter?

Graham Norton

Chris Evans

Jonathan Ross

Nicky Campbell

In the book ‘The Corrections’, what does Gary cut his thumb with?

A hedge trimmer

A blade of grass

A knife

A chainsaw

In the book ‘Fog Magic’, what is the name of the strange ship?

The Emmeretta

The Laleah

The Dory

The Morehouse

Which of these 19th century writers was actually a woman ?

Mark Twain

George Eliot

Thomas Hardy

Charles Dickens

Which influencer published her memoir, This Is Me, in 2020?

James Lock

Mrs Hinch

Chloe Ferry


Which of these is not a novel by H.G. Wells?

Cat’s Cradle

The Island Of Dr. Moreau

The Time Machine

The War Of The Worlds

In literature, what device is used in the tongue twister ‘She sells sea shell by the sea shore’?





Who wrote the play ‘The Cherry Orchard’?

Bertolt Brecht

Anton Chekhov

Arthur Miller

Samuel Beckett

In the book ‘How to Make Love Like a Porn Star: A Cautionary Tale’, where does Jenna move after her grandmother’s house, according to her diary?

Los Angeles

Boulder City

Las Vegas


In the book ‘Antony and Cleopatra’, towards where do the ships of the defeated flee?





Mills & Boon is a British publishing imprint specialising in which genre?

Science Fiction




What type of book is Jack Canfield’s ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’?

Cook Book


Western Novel


In the book ‘A Wrinkle in Time’, along the way, Meg hears some birds who seem to be telling her something. Who translates their words for her?


Mrs. Whatsit

Charles Wallace

A strange voice in the ether

The Treachery of Images’ was painted by which famous artist?

Gustav Klimt

Rene Magritte

Grant Wood

C.M. Coolidge

In the book ‘The Year of Magical Thinking’, what title had Joan used when she was first writing the book quoted at the beginning of Chapter 22?


Angel Visits

Family Thoughts


Who is the author of ´The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo´?

Colleen McCullough

Rick Warren

William Bradford Huie

Stieg Larsson

In the book ‘Banner in the Sky’, what made Rudi happy?

All of these

He had proved his father was right

He was higher than any person had ever been before on the Citadel

There was a straight forward route past the Fortress and beyond

Genesis and Revelation are the first and last books of which religious text?

The Qu’ran

The Bible

Bhagavad Gita

Guru Granth Sahib

In the book ‘The Call of the Wild’, how cold is it when the team breaks through ice in the river?

50 below zero

20 below zero

30 below zero

40 below zero

On the Road’ is a novel by which writer?

Jack Kerouac

Virginia Woolf

Phillip K. Dick

F. Scott Fitzgerald

Who is the author of ‘The Adventures of Pinocchio’?

Dan Brown

Nikolai Ostrovsky

Carlo Collodi

Leo Tolstoy

Who wrote the best-selling classic Of Mice and Men?

Ernest Hemingway

John Steinbeck

F Scott Fitzgerald

William Faulkner

Who wrote ‘The Life of Samuel Johnson’?

James Boswell

Lytton Strachy

John Updyke

Samuel Johnson

In which century was Dutch writer, scholar and humanist Erasmus born?

19th Century

11th Century

15th Century

8th Century

In the book ‘Herzog’, what pushes Sandor over the edge?

Court appearances


His wife

Dirty dishes

Robert Galbraith, the author of the Cormoran Strike books, is a pseudonym for which writer?

J.K. Rowling

Stephen King

George R.R. Martin

Martin Amis

Bradford is the birthplace of which artist?

Francis Bacon

Howard Hodgkin

David Hockney

LS Lowry

In the book ‘The Witch of Blackbird Pond’, how does Kit react to teaching the young children?

She thinks it is better than nothing

She enjoys it

She thinks it is too hard and would rather do manual labor

She finds it quite dull

In the book ‘A Girl Named Disaster’, why does Nhamo procrastinate checking her animal traps?

She is dizzy

She has other things to do

It is getting dark

She does not need food

Writer Michael Crichton died in 2008. Which of these books, more famous as a film, did he write?

The Sting

Jurassic Park

Forrest Gump

Slumdog Millionaire

In the book ‘The Beak of the Finch’, what is the name of the village on Santa Cruz?

Puerto Vallarta


Rapa Nui

Puerto Ayora

Which of these is the famous novel by Lillian Hellman?

Little Foxes

Little Badgers

Little Weasels

Little Wolves

In the book ‘Coming of Age in Mississippi’, who is Mr. Chinn walking with in this chapter?

A chain gang

The Ku Klux Klan

The riot police

A dog

The Eagle Has Landed’ came from the pen of which author?

Jack Heggings

Jack Higgins

Jack Hoggins

Jack Huggins

Who wrote the novel ‘The Catcher in the Rye’?

Joseph Heller

J D Salinger

Charles Dickens

Ernest Hemingway

John Milton wrote which classic novel?

Paradise Disaster

Paradise Forever

Paradise Found

Paradise Lost

In the book ‘The Good Master’, what kind of story does Marton ask his wife to tell?

A true story

A motivating story

A funny story

A scary story

The book series A Song Of Ice And Fire was adapted into what TV series?

Breaking Bad


Game Of Thrones

Derry Girls

Which of these is not one of the tricks in ‘The Twits’?

The Fake Shoe

The Frog

The Glass Eye

The Sticky Tree

In the book ‘Elbow Room’, who caused the woman’s scar?

Her boyfriend

Her father

Her mother

Her brother

In the book industry, what does ‘Y.A.’ stand for?

Young Adult

Yeezy Autobiography

Yorkshire Album

Youth Alternative

The Summer Book’ was written by which Finnish author?

Leo Tolstoy

Agatha Christie

Tove Jansson

Victor Hugo

Kerry Greenwood wrote a series of books about who?

Phryne Fishface

Phryne Fishcake

Phryne Fisher

Phryne Fishfinger

Who is the protagonist in ‘The Thorn Birds’?

Meggie Clarty

Meggie Cleary

Meggie Clooty

Meggie Clutzy

Who had a diary in the books by Helen Fielding?

Bridget Jones

Bridget Johnson

Bridget James

Bridget Jameson

Quotations From Chairman Mao Tse-Tung is known by what other title?

The Fat Blue Book

The Big Pink Book

The Slim Beige Book

The Little Red Book

Who wrote ‘The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy’?

Douglas Adams

Aldous Huxley

Isaac Asimov

Terry Pratchett

In the book ‘Atlas Shrugged’, because of the Equity of Distribution Law, there is now a Deputy Director of Distribution handling all of Rearden Metal’s orders.What is his nickname?

The Enforcer


The Wet Nurse

The Terminator

In literature, what is a soliloquy?

Talking quietly

Talking alone

Talking in Spanish

Talking slowly

Who went to court over a paperback in 1960?

Penguin Books

Pelican Books

Virago Books

Faber & Faber

In the book ‘Washington’s Crossing’, intelligence has what to do with the Americans’ success in ‘The Surprise’ battle and the Hessian’s failure?

A great deal

Significant only in the Americans’ success

A minimal influence

Significant only in the Hessian’s failure

Who was Ted Hughes’ famous wife?

Anne Sexton

Emily Bishop

Stevie Smith

Sylvia Plath

In the book ‘A Moveable Feast’, where does Fitzgerald meet Hemingway when they visit again in Paris?

Shakespeare and Company

Hemingway’s house

A restaurant

A cafe

The Newbery Medal is named after who?

Simon Newbery

John Newbery

Charles Newbery

James Newbery

In which street does Harry Potter live when we first meet him?

Privet Boulevard

Privet Road

Privet Avenue

Privet Drive

Who is the author of ‘Think and Grow Rich’?

C. S. Lewis

Napoleon Hill

Dan Brown

H. Rider Haggard

Who wrote the Harry Potter’ series of books?


J. R. R. Tolkien

JR Ewing

J. K. Rowling

In the book ‘From Beirut to Jerusalem’, what city do both Friedman and Arafat travel to?

Athens, Greece

Jerusalem, Israel

Amman, Jordan

Damascus, Syria

In the book ‘Tropic of Cancer’, what is Henry’s derogatory name for the Indian, Nanantatee?

Mr. Not a Tree

Mr. Na-na-tatee

Mr. Nonentity

Mr. Manatee

Who illustrated the first publication of ‘Matilda’?

John Batchelor

Quentin Blake

Asun Balzola

Ken Bald

Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life is a 2018 memoir by which comedian?

Eric Idle

Bernard Manning

Eddie Izzard

Dawn French

In the book ‘One Hundred Years of Solitude’, who is buried in the courtyard of a brothel?

Pilar Ternera



Amaranta Ursula

Stieg Larsson’s Millennium, or The Girl Who… series of thrillers is set in what country?





Who is the main protagonist in Jack Kerouac’s ‘On The Road’?

Dean Sherlock

Dean Doctor

Dean Moriarty

Dean Bean

Who did ‘a far, far better thing than I have ever done’?

Sydney Carton

Sam Spade

Rick Blaine

Rhett Butler

You can do better

Not bad


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