101 Painting & Sculpture Trivia Questions To Summon Your Inner Artist

Do you fancy yourself much of a Thinker? Or will this painting and sculpture quiz make you scream? Across history, from the classical eras of Greece and Rome to the present day, timeless works came into being. They span mediums like self-portraits, still lifes, and figures drawn out of crystalline marble. 

Whether you’ve been to the Met or just read about them in school, these immortal works remind us of the infinite possibilities of art in the hands of people. It took plenty of time and consideration for each piece to become a classic. Sculptures aren’t made in a day, after all! And neither was this painting and sculpture trivia quiz!

So, do you have what it takes to brush aside this artful challenge? Here you’ll find painting and sculpture trivia questions and answers that will challenge even the biggest art aficionado. Van Gogh ahead and do your best!

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