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95 Funny Trivia Questions If You Think You Can Never Have Too Much Fun

As Shakespeare once said (basically): Content, content, everywhere, but no fun to be had! Despite the fact that our modern world has no shortage of leisure activities to appreciate and luxuries to consume, it can sometimes feel more difficult than ever to entertain yourself.

But don’t worry, dear reader, because there’s a light at the end of the tunnel: trivia! If you feel like your mind has nothing to occupy itself with, if you want to focus your spirit by entering into the outside world, it sounds like you’re in need of some funny trivia questions and answers.

Are panda cubs closer in size to footballs or sticks of butter? When was the pogo-stick invented? Why do we park in a driveway and drive in a parkway? Whether you know these answers or just want to learn more about this wonderful world, you can find out more with this fun quiz.

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Which human-rights organization campaigns for the release of political prisoners worldwide?


Amnesty International


Love That Paper Money Club

Which US politician was the first woman to become US Secretary of State?

Kim Kardashian

Madeleine Albright

Hillary Clinton

Theresa May

In what city did the show “The Alienist” take place?


Emerald City

New York


Elected in 1969, who was the first female Prime Minister of Israel?

Yentl Yeshiva

Golda Meir

Idina Menzel

Barbra Streisand

The term “sugar” is used generically to refer to which one of the following?





What does “magna culpa” mean?

Gross Negligence

Large Soft Drink

Filed, Executed

Legal Complaint

Why did the golfer wear two pairs of pants?

He Forgot To Change

It’s Fashionable

To Stay Warm In Summer

In Case He Got A Hole In One

What TV show is about a crime-solving illusionist?

I Fooled Ya!

American Crime Story

Black Mirror


What was the name of Captain Cook’s ship?

The Love Boat

The Mayflower

The Endeavour

The Serpent Queen

What famous actor served as Governor of California from 2003 until 2011?

William Shakespeare

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Tom Hanks

Brad Pitt

What TV show stars Donald Sutherland as J. Paul Getty?

Getty Up




What is the action/comedy movie about a trio of bodybuilders in Florida?

Pain & Gain


Lift & Separate


What TV show is the story of a couple whose marriage is reignited by their divorce?

Splitting Up Together

All I Need

Twin Freaks


What name completes the opening line of “Moby Dick”, “Call me …”?





The teddy bear was named after which famous American politician?

Ted Nugent

Theodore Roosevelt

Theodore Kaczynski

Ted Cruz

Bill Hader and Henry Winkler both star in what TV series?


Miami Lice

Golden Girls


What is the TV series “The Crown” about?

Royal Family


Miss America Contest

Drag Queens

What sport is the TV movie “The Simone Biles Story: Courage to Soar” about?


Spoon Bending


Ice Skating

In the TV show “Howards End”, What is the last name of the wealthy family?





What TV series is about a Royal Naval expedition encountering a monstrous predator?

The Mechanism


Growing Stains

The Terror

The TV show “Fuller House” is a sequel to what show?


Fullest House

Full House

Fan House

“Pretty Little Liars” star Lucy Hale also stars in what CW TV show?

My Pet Rooster

The Originals

Life Sentence

The 100

Who gave Spain a claim to Florida by exploring St. Augustine?

Marco Rubio

Marco Polo

Juan Ponce De Leon

Jacques Cartier

The HBO series “The Last Of Us” is based on what?

Stephen King Book

Elon Musk’s Diary

Children’s Poem

Video Game

Who led the “Rainbow Coalition” in the 1980s?

Gary Hart

Robin Williams

James Watt

Rev. Jesse Jackson

Where did the “Velvet Revolution” take place?

Miami Beach




Which is the real title of a Beatles song?

Strawberry Quick Forever

Strawberry Ice Cream Forever

Strawberry Fields Forever

Strawberry Shortcake Forever

Sean Bean portrays Tom Hammond in what TV crime drama?

The Oath

Hard Sun

Route 66

The Looming Tower

What group of islands is affectionately known as the Friendly Isles?





What is Anne’s last name on the TV show “Anne with an E”?





Chef Bob Blumer is better known as whom?

Bob The Cook

The Naked Chef

The Barefoot Count

The Surreal Gourmet

How often are American presidential elections held?

Every Two Years

Every Six Months

Every Sixty Seconds

Every Four Years

Who took office as Prime Minister of Canada in November 2015?

Arthur Treacher

Bullwinkle Moose

Tim Horton

Justin Trudeau

Which member of the British royal family was involved in “Squidgygate”?

Sarah Ferguson

Princess Stephanie

Princess Diana

Charlie Squiddy

In 1893, which country became the first to give women the right to vote?

United States

Lunchlady Land


New Zealand

Which name is the Sandwich Islands better known as?

Mayo Islands

Marshall Islands

Falkland Islands


Which ruler ascended to the throne as King of Spain in 2014 upon the abdication of his father?

Felipe VI

Henry VIII

Richard III

Bubba V

The TV show “Famous in Love” is about what?

A Squirrel

A Playwright

A Politician

A Young Actress

In English history, who was the last monarch of the house of Tudor?


Elizabeth I

Whoopi II


What is the name of the sequel to the TV show “Black-ish”?





The TV show “Electric Dreams” is based on short stories written by who?

Charles Stross

Isaac Asimov

Donny Wahlberg

Philip K. Dick

What is the term for a day trader not affiliated with a major financial institution?


Solo Day Trader

Retail Day Trader

Ronin Day Trader

What nickname did President Trump give to North Korean leader Kim Jong-un?


Secret Agent Man

Little Rocket Man

Mad Nuclear Man

The TV show “For the People” is set in what US city?


Luna City

New York


The Japanese loanword “kamikaze” translates literally to what?

Divine Wind

Look Out

Curled Fist

Unstoppable Force

Which is the real title of a Britney Spears song?

Oops!…I Did It Myself

Oops!…I Did It Again

Oops!…I Sang Again

Oops!…I Didn’t Do It Again

Dakota Fanning portrays Sara Howard in what 2018 TV show?

The Dating Gamer

The Alienist

Once Upon a Time

Hard Sun

The TV show “Killing Eve” starring Sandra Oh is about what?

The Gun Lobby

A Security Operative

A Bad Gardener

Sleep Disorders

A whisk would be a good choice for completing which of these cooking tasks?

Scooping Fritters From A Deep Fryer

Mixing Pancake Batter

Sweeping Floors

Deboning A Chicken

“Station 19” is a spin-off of what TV series?

Mad Men

Grey’s Anatomy

Car 54, Where Are You?


Which Italian Prime Minister resigned in 2016 after losing a referendum to reform the constitution?

Mario Linguini

Matteo Renzi

Silvio Berlusconi

Giorgio Armani

What is the name of the National Parliament of the Republic of Ireland?

Oireachtas Eireann

Finn MacCool

Blarney Stone

Lucky Charms

Which senior Japanese politician faced a major real estate political scandal in 2018?

Akira Kurosawa

Hello Kitty

Shinzo Abe

Yoko Ono

Which Nordic country was the first to establish a cabinet with equal numbers of men and women?





Who was the world’s first female Prime Minister?

Margaret Thatcher

Sirima Bandaranaike

Indira Gandhi

Oprah Winfrey

Where was the 2017 G-20 Summit held?





What phrase was given to the 2016 referendum in which the UK decided to leave the European Union?





Who replaced Winston Churchill as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom in 1955?

Anthony Eden

John Major

Tony Blair

Ricky Gervais

Which title is given to the head of the executive branch of government in an Australian state?


Chief Minister


Mon Capitaine

What is the scientific name of the great white shark?

Rhincodon Typus

Carcaradon Carcharius

Sincodon Oxyrhinchus

Bigtoothus Sharkus

The island of Mauritius was once the home of what extinct species?





What is the name given to the study of scientific analysis of elections and trends?





Best known for “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”, David S. Goyer has also done what 2018 TV show?

Black Lightning

Kingdom Hospital



The United Nations Headquarters are hosted in which US city?

New York City, New York

Intercourse, Pennsylvania

Hell, Michigan

Chicken, Alaska

Which of these is not a Pepsi soft drink product?

Pepsi Wild Cherry

Mug Root Beer

Schweppes Ginger Ale

Screaming Viking

In April 2018, who became the first-ever US Senator to give birth while in office?

Tammy Duckworth

Bernie Sanders

Carol Moseley Braun

Elizabeth Warren

What German political leader was known as the “Iron Chancellor”?

Hansel Von Gretel

Otto Von Bismarck

Martin Luther

Ludwig Van Beethoven

What college did Thomas Jefferson attend?

Osaka University

Columbia University

College Of William And Mary

Georgetown University

In the TV show “Andi Mack”, who are Andi’s two best friends?

Bert And Ernie

Billie And Avalon

Carri And Danny

Cyrus And Buffy

Who took office as President of France in May 2017, succeeding Francois Hollande?

Gustave Flaubert

Emmanuel Macron

Louis Vuitton

Pepe Le Pew

What do you call a boomerang that won’t come back?

A Puzzle

A Stick

A Frisbee


Where does the show “Fuller House” take place?

Los Angeles, California

Meatloaf, Andpeas

San Francisco, California

Houston, Texas

President Jimmy Carter was a member of what branch of the US military?

Boy Scouts

U.S. Air Force

U.S. Navy

U.S. Army

What item of clothing became associated with the Women’s March movement in 2017?

Purple Headbands

Red Scarves

Blue SCUBA Masks

Pink Hats

What TV reality show is about creating costumes and acting out the parts?

Cosplay Melee

Creation Corner

Crazy Cosplay

We Play Pretend

Who does Neil Patrick Harris portray in the TV show “A Series of Unfortunate Events”?

Lemony Snicket

Mr. Tibbs

Count Olaf

Mr. Poe

What nickname did Joseph Stalin use to describe his “right hand man”, Molotov?

Stone Bottom

Iron Gut



Which Indian politician said of a conflict with Pakistan, “You cannot shake hands with a clenched fist”?

Garam Masala

Indira Gandhi

Bill Clinton

Winston Churchill

Which judge replaced Antonin Scalia on the Supreme Court in April 2017?

Joseph Wapner

Neil Gorsuch

Homer Simpson

Judy Sheindlin

What 2018 TV comedy stars Patton Oswalt as a school principal?


Room 1547

A.P. Bio

Sneaky Pete

What was Al Bundy’s favorite beer on the show “Married… With Children”?

Buzz Beer

Girlie Girl Beer

Rigor Mortis Ale

Shoe Fits beer

Which capital city was once the capital of a Spanish colony called New Granada?


Pago Pago

Ole Granada


The TV show “Rellik” is told from what perspective?

Pig Latin

In Reverse

In A Radio Broadcast

Hour By Hour

Which Spanish region held a banned referendum in October 2016 in an effort to achieve independence?





What TV show is about an outcast student who plots against the cool kids in school?


You Me Her

Truth Or Dare

A.P. Bio

What is the name of the U.K.-based consulting firm accused of info mining to support the 2016 Trump campaign?


Glasgow Scrutiny

London Number Crunchers

Cambridge Analytica

Who got added as a judge in the 2022 season of the US version of “The Voice”?


Camila Cabello

Rudy Giuliani

Ariana Grande

Season 16 of “American Idol” has what pop star as a judge?

Katy Perry


Judy Garland

Taylor Swift

The September 2016 presidential debate between whom set a record as the most-watched debate in US history?

Hillary Clinton And Donald Trump

Gary Johnson And Jill Stein

Paul McCartney And John Lennon

John Kennedy And Richard Nixon

The term ‘Brexit’ is taken from the name used to describe which other country’s exit from the European Union?





Known for creating “Parenthood”, what 2017 TV show is Jason Katimas known for?

I Love Lucy


Adam Ruins Everything


What historical event inspired the motto “In God We Trust” on US coins?

The Assassination Of Abraham Lincoln



Civil War

What term is used to denote a mortgage that probably will not ever be repaid?

Phantom Mortgage

Not My Mortgage

Ghost Mortgage

Toxic Mortgage

What is the correct last line of Robert Frost’s poem, “Stopping By The Woods on a Snowy Evening”?

The Snow Falls Before Me Ever So Deep

It’s Friggin Cold Out

And Miles To Go Before I Sleep

And My Life, Therefore I Keep

The TV show “Krypton” is about what relative of Superman?

Second Cousin




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Not bad


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