21 Connecticut Trivia Questions To Test What You Know About The Constitution State

This coastal state might be small, but there is so much to know, and learn, about Connecticut! Connecticut is one of the six New England states and a part of the 13 original colonies located on the American Eastern seaboard. It is home to the Peabody Museum of Natural History and the famed high academic institution, Yale University. 

Think you know all there is to know about the Land of Steady Habits? Want to find out if you are a Connecticut genius or a New England novice? Try these Connecticut trivia questions and answers for size to test how much you know about this small but mighty state. You might be surprised by many of the facts on this list!

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When was the New London Harbor Light first erected in Connecticut?





What is the largest lake in Connecticut?

West Thompson Lake

Candlewood Lake

Lake Lillinonah

Lake Zoar

What is the state flower of Connecticut?


Mountain Laurel

White Pine Cone

Purple Lilac

What is the state animal of Connecticut?

Morgan Horse

White-Tailed Deer


Sperm Whale

Which animal is not endangered in Connecticut?

Sperm Whale

Least Shrew

Barn Owl

Black Bear

Which state does Connecticut not share a border with?

Rhode Island



New York

What is the capital of Connecticut?


New Haven



Which of the founding fathers lived and died in Connecticut?

James Monroe

Roger Sherman

John Jay

John Dickinson

Which man is credited with being the founder of Connecticut?

Thomas Hooker

John Winthrop

Pierre du Gaust

Samuel de Champlain

What is the largest city in Connecticut by population?





Which story did Mark Twain write in Hartford, Connecticut, that was published in 1885?

Roughing It

The Innocents Abroad

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Life On The Mississippi

Which state is smaller than Connecticut per square foot?


New Hampshire



What did Connecticut native Samuel Colt invent?


The Cotton Gin

The Sewing Machine

The Revolver

What Ivy League school is located in Connecticut?

Brown University

Harvard University

Yale University

Princeton University

What landmark is the highest point in Connecticut?

Bear Mountain

Bald Peak

Round Maintain

Gridley Mountain

Who is the only US president born in Connecticut?

Gerald Ford

George W. Bush

Ronald Reagan

Calvin Coolidge

Which state was Connecticut after joining the Union in 1788?

The 9th State

The 5th State

The 3rd State

The 7th State

What is the nickname for the state of Connecticut?

Bay State

The Keystone State

The Constitution State

The Pine Tree State

What is the state song of Connecticut?

These Green Mountains

Yankee Doodle

The Old North State

Old Folks At Home

What was Igor Sikorsky the first to design in Connecticut?

The First Helicopter

The First Airplane

The First Truck

The First Jet Engine

How many seats does Connecticut have in the US House of Representatives?





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