21 ‘Squid Game’ Trivia Questions That Will Test Your Resolve

Squid Game is one of the most surprising hits of the last few years. Debuting on Netflix in 2021, this Korean survival drama tells the story of Seong Gi-hun, who gets an invitation to play in a contest to win enough money to make him rich for life. 

There’s only one small catch…LOSERS DIE. Say again? And only one person can come out on top.

If you watched Squid Game when it came out, you probably had to look for more sticky and dangerous content. 

You have lived the intense feeling of that first game of Red Light. Your heart was pounding as the group etched out the shapes in the honeycombs. The tension was high with the ultimate game of Tug of War.

Lucky for you, no one will die with these Squid Game trivia questions and answers, but there will indeed be a champion. If you know the show, then it could be you. Challenge your friends to find out who among you is worthy of the winner’s circle.

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How many players were killed and eliminated after the first game in season 1 of “Squid Game”?

402 Players

255 Players

115 Players

19 Players

What is the overseer of the Squid Game in the series called?

The Leader



The Front Man

In the 2nd round of “Squid Game”, gamers cut stamped shapes out of a what kind of candy or cookie?





How old is Seong Gi-hun’s daughter in the first season of “Squid Game”?

21 Years Old

5 Years Old

2 Years Old

10 Years Old

In what Korean city were the city scenes filmed for “Squid Game”?





In “Squid Game”, what game does the man at the train station ask Seong Gi-hun to play for money?

Fingers Out




Who got a bad stab wound from the glass bridge explosion in “Squid Game”?





In “Squid Game”, how does Seong Gi-hun know Cho Sang-woo?

Work Together

Brother In-Laws


Childhood Classmates

Who created the TV series “Squid Game”?

Hwang Dong-hyuk

Terry Matalas

Ang Lee

Park Hae-soo

In “Squid Game”, who entered the game to pay for a broker who can rescue their parents across the North Korean border?

Kang Cheol

Jang Deok-su

Cho Sang-woo

Kang Sae-byeok

How many games are in the “Squid Game” competition?

Five Games

Six Games

Ten Games

Three Games

What is Seong Gi-hun’s job in the series “Squid Game”?

Police Officer




Where did Gi-hun get the money that was pickpocketed in episode 1 of “Squid Game”?


Stole It

Horse Race Bet

Found It

What character in “Squid Game” did Lee Jung-Jae play?

Ali Abdul

Cho Sang-woo

Hwang Jun-ho

Seong Gi-hun

What was the “Squid Game” character Cho Sang-woo’s profession?


Police Officer


Investment Banker

What is Gi-hun’s daughter’s name in “Squid Game”?

Kim So Eun

Han Mi-nyeo



What happens to the losing team in the tug-of-war game in “Squid Game”?

They Are Put To Work

They Go Home

They Die

No Food For 24 Hours

What served as the “Squid Game” final meal before the last game?


Boiled Eggs



Where did the show’s creators get the giant robot doll in episode one of “Squid Game”?

Toy Store

Russian Playground

Korean Museum

They Created It

At the start of “Squid Game”, what number player is the elderly man with a brain tumor?

Number 3

Number 200

Number 1

Number 66

How many players are in the contest to start in “Squid Game”?

6012 Players

301 Players

112 Players

456 Players

You can do better

Not bad


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