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21 ‘July’ Trivia Questions: Can You Beat The Heat Of This Quiz?

July – a month known for fireworks, barbecues, hot summer nights, and, for trivia buffs like us, some of the most interesting historical events. The seventh month of the year is named after Julius Caesar himself, but the history and happenings of July extend far beyond ancient Rome. From American Independence Day celebrations to France’s Bastille Day, July is packed with significant events that have shaped our world.

This set of July trivia questions and answers spans across history, geography, culture, sports, and so much more. Remember when the Live Aid concert rocked the world in July 1985? Or how about the fact that some of our favorite iconic figures, from Nelson Mandela to J.K. Rowling, were born in July? This trivia quiz is your chance to prove just how much you know about this sizzling month.

So, are you ready to beat the heat with this July quiz? Show us what you got!

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In July 1953, how much did Elvis Presley pay to record two songs at the Sun Records’ studio?

Two Dollars

Four Dollars

Eight Dollars

One Dollar

In what city were the “New Seven Wonders of the World” officially announced in July 2007?


New York



What festival celebration takes place every year on the first weekend of July in Roswell, NM?

UFO Festival

South By South West

Sundance Film Festival

New Mexico State Fair

I am the first U.S. astronaut who walked on the moon on July 20, 1969. Who am I?

Neil Armstrong

Buzz Aldrin

John Glenn

Gus Grissom

On July 4, 1976, the United States of America celebrated what birthday?

100th Birthday

150th Birthday

50th Birthday

200th Birthday

In July 2007, $282 million U.S. dollars were stolen from a bank in what city?

Los Angeles

Mexico City



Held annually in July, South Korea’s Boryeong Mud Festival originated to promote what local industry?



Glass Making


On July 4th, 1993, who recited his patriotic poem, “Rugged Old Flag”, in a Washington, DC celebration?

Bruce Springsteen

Rev. Billy Graham

Dan Quayle

Johnny Cash

The symphony orchestra of which U.S. city is known for a huge 4th of July celebration with fireworks?



Los Angeles

New York

What country hosts the Wife-Carrying World Championships, which is held annually in July?





The first Fourth of July celebration at the White House was held in 1801 by which American President?

Thomas Jefferson

John Adams

Abraham Lincoln

George Washington

What country hosts the World Championship Bathtub Race, which is held annually in July?


United States


Great Britain

A July 2, 1921, joint Congressional resolution declared what?

World War I Officially Started

U.S. Entered World War I

Great Depression

World War I Officially Over

The World Bodypainting Festival is held every year in July in which country?



United States


How many women were onboard the Space Shuttle Discovery which launched on July 4, 2006?





To whom does Bruce Springsteen sing in “4th of July”?





Which act did President George H.W. Bush sign on July 26, 1990?

Federal Employees Retirement Act

Animal Fighting Prohibition Act

National Film Preservation Act

Americans With Disabilities Act

Which wide-body, three-engine aircraft did Delta retire from its fleet in July 2001?

Lockheed L-1011

Boeing 727



What historic event occurred in July 1969?

First Moon Landing

Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Death

Apollo XIII Aborted Their Mission

Burglars Broke Into The Watergate

Which United States President decreed July to be National Ice Cream Month?

Ronald Reagan

George Washington

George. W. Bush

Thomas Jefferson

Who is the month of July named after?

Julius Caesar

King Charles

Jesus Christ

Jules Verne

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