Who originally wore Kansas City Royals jersey #10, which was retired in 1987?

Hal McRae

George Brett

Lou Pinella

Dick Howser

Who said, “It’s all over. The end.” after the Kansas City Royals lost the 1980 World Series?

Frank White

George Brett

Willie Wilson

Hal McRae

What does Brian Sweeney do for the 2023 Kansas City Royals?

Pitching Coach

TV Play By Play

Bench Coach

Strength & Conditioning Coach

What position does Zack Greinke play for the 2023 Kansas City Royals?

Third Base

Center Field



What was the Kansas City Royals’ win-loss record for the 2022 MLB season?

100 Wins 62 Losses

65 Wins 97 Losses

74 Wins 88 Losses

50 Wins 112 Losses

Who is a catcher on the 2023 Kansas City Royals team?

Tyler Cyr

Scott Alexander

Freddy Fermín

Brennan Bernardino

In what state did MLB’s Kansas City Royals play their first game?





Which Kansas City Royal ranks first in Royals’ history with 3,154 career hits?

Amos Otis

George Brett

Mike Sweeney

Frank White

What position did Salvador Perez play for the 2020 Royals?


Second Base


Third base

Which Kansas City Royals player won MVP in 1980?

Joe Torre

Lou Boudreau

Chipper Jones

George Brett

In a 2002 doubleheader, Kansas City Royals pitcher Cory Bailey accomplished what feat?

Lost Both Games

Gave Up 20 Earned Runs

Won Both Games

Struck Out 25 Batters

How many appearances did the Kansas City Royals make in the World Series in the 1980s?





In Game 7 of the 1985 World Series, what Kansas City Royals pitcher tossed a nine-inning shutout?

Todd Worrell

Dan Quisenberry

Bret Saberhagen

Bob Forsch

Who is the 2023 Kansas City Royals’ first base coach?

Alex Cora

Brian Snitker

Matt Reynolds

Damon Hollins

The stadium in which the Kansas City Royals play is called Kauffman Stadium after whom?

Team Manager Ewing Kauffman

Local Company Kauffman Industries

Team Owner Ewing Kauffman

Multi-National Kauffman Industries

How many regular season home runs did the 2022 Kansas City Royals hit?





Which year did Kauffman Stadium, home of the Kansas City Royals, get a grass playing field?

Doesn’t Have A Grass Playing Field


When It Opened In 1973


Who won the 1980 World Series, beating the Kansas City Royals 4 games to 2?

Cincinnati Reds

New York Mets

Philadelphia Phillies

Baltimore Orioles

Who was titled the Kansas City Royals’ 2003 Rookie of the Year?

Angel Berroa

Jose Lima

Raul Ibanez

Carlos Beltran

Which Royals pitcher made his first All-Star Game in 2009?

Josh Beckett

Joe Nathan

Brian Fuentes

Zach Greinke

Which of the following players has been a star hitter for the Kansas City Royals?

Mark McGwire

Gary Sheffield

Wade Boggs

George Brett

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