21 St. Louis Cardinals Trivia Questions: Can You Fly Through This Quiz?

Are you a true Cardinal? Does the sound of a cracking bat at Busch Stadium make your heart soar? Have you cheered with every rise and fall of this storied MLB franchise? If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to these, then this St. Louis Cardinals trivia quiz is your perfect pitch!

With origins dating back to 1882, the St. Louis Cardinals have an illustrious history filled with unforgettable moments, legendary players, and World Series championships. From Dizzy Dean’s ‘Gashouse Gang’ of the 1930s to the exploits of Stan Musial, Bob Gibson, Ozzie Smith, and the more recent feats of Yadier Molina, the Cardinals have always given their fans reasons to celebrate.

This set of St. Louis Cardinals trivia questions and answers is a journey through time. It covers the team’s rich history, the standout performances of its players, and the key games that left their mark on the franchise. Whether you’re a veteran Cards fan or a rookie just getting into the spirit of baseball, this quiz is sure to test your knowledge and passion for the Cardinals.

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So, put on your cap, step up to the plate, and let’s see if you can hit a home run with this St. Louis Cardinals trivia challenge!

How many home runs did the St. Louis Cardinals team have in the 2022 MLB regular season?





What was the St. Louis Cardinals’ win-loss record for the 2022 MLB season?

101 Wins 61 Losses

86 Wins 76 Losses

93 Wins 69 Losses

62 Wins 100 Losses

What position does Jack Flaherty play for the 2023 St. Louis Cardinals?

Second Base



Right Field

What Cy Young Award winner for the St. Louis Cardinals had elbow surgery in 2007?

Josh Hancock

Jason Marquis

Jeff Suppon

Chris Carpenter

Who is the Cardinals player that hit .312 in 2010?

Shin-Soo Choo

Matt Holliday

Ichiro Suzuki

Carl Crawford

Who is a catcher on the 2023 St. Louis Cardinals team?

John Brebbia

Andrew Knizner

Alex Colomé

Tanner Banks

The Cardinals’ team mascot, a giant cardinal, is known by which name?

Tweet Tweet

Cardinal Carl



Which St. Louis Cardinals rookie pitcher retired 17 straight batters in game one of the 2006 World Series?

Jeff Weaver

Todd Jones

Justin Verlander

Anthony Reyes

Which baseball star is known as the acrobatic shortstop from the Cardinals?

Derek Jeter

Luis Aparicio

Barry Sanders

Ozzie Smith

Which name is not one the St. Louis Cardinals were known by?

St. Louis Browns

St. Louis Brown Stockings

St. Louis Red Stockings

St. Louis Perfectos

Who, as a catcher for the St. Louis Cardinals, won a Golden Glove Award for 2010?

Gerald Laird

Henry Blanco

Shane Victorino

Yadier Molina

Who is a first base coach for the 2023 St. Louis Cardinals?

Rich Gossage

Steve Hamilton

Stubby Clapp

Bob Melvin

What position did Chris Carpenter play for the St. Louis Cardinals?




First Baseman

Who defeated the Cardinals in the NL Wild Card Series in 2022?

NY Mets

Los Angeles Dodgers

San Diego Padres

Philadelphia Phillies

What does Dusty Blake do for the 2023 St. Louis Cardinals?

Hitting Coach

Chief Scout

Pitching Coach

TV Play By Play

The 1944 World Series, often dubbed “The Streetcar Series”, saw the Cardinals facing which team?

St. Louis Reds

St. Louis Blues

St. Louis Browns

St. Louis Red Stockings

Who was the MVP of the 1985 World Series between the St. Louis Cardinals and the Kansas City Royals?

Jose Rijo

Dave Stewart

Darrell Porter

Bret Saberhagen

Tim McCarver, a well-known commentator, played several seasons for the Cardinals at which position?


Right Fielder



On June 25, 1999, which Cardinals rookie pitcher threw a no-hitter against the Diamondbacks?

Jose Jimenez

Matt Morris

Bud Smith

Darryl Kyle

In 1979, his final season, Cardinals Hall of Famer Lou Brock reached which career milestone?

1,000 Walks

3,000 Hits

500 Stolen Bases

400 Home Runs

What was the date that Mark McGwire got traded to the St. Louis Cardinals?

July 31, 2002

July 31, 1994

July 31, 1997

July 31, 2004

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