21 New England Patriots Trivia Questions To Tackle The Dynasty’s Depth

From the heart of Foxborough, Massachusetts, a dynasty has risen that the NFL world cannot ignore. The New England Patriots, with their iconic blend of red, white, and blue, have more than just a storied history—they have a legacy that few teams can rival. From dramatic Super Bowl victories to unforgettable game-changing moments, the Patriots have etched their name into the annals of football fame.

But are you familiar with the depth of this New England saga? How well do you know the gridiron gladiators who’ve donned the Patriots’ jersey? This collection of New England Patriots trivia questions and answers is designed to test the mettle of both newer fans and those who’ve cheered from the days of the old Pat Patriot logo.

If you’re eager to delve deeper into the AFC East or broaden your NFL horizon, explore our trivia compilations for the New Orleans Saints, New York Giants, and New York Jets. Remember, the mark of a true Patriots aficionado is not just knowing your team but also understanding your rivals!

Where were the Patriots located before playing in New England?





What year did New England hire Bill Belichick as their head coach?





Which of these NFL players is a member of the 2020 Patriots?

Rex Burkhead

Maxx Crosby

Tyrell Williams

Arden Key

What is the name of the New England Patriots mascot?

Paul The Patriot

Pat The Patriot

Paul The Revered

Tom Bird

How old was Tom Brady when he played in Super Bowl LII on February 4, 2018?

43 Years 15 Days

39 Years 145 Days

40 Years 185 Days

49 Years 145 Days

The Patriots set a record in Super Bowl LII with the most total team yards. How many did they have?

613 Yards

513 Yards

699 Yards

313 Yards

Who was the 1st New England Patriots quarterback to be voted to the Pro Bowl?

Tom Brady

Drew Bledsoe

Hugh Millen

Matt Cassel

Tom Brady set an NFL record by throwing how many touchdowns in the 2007 regular season?





Who was the head coach of the 2019 New England Patriots?

Bruce Beal

Eric Bieniemy

Bill Belichick

Dean Pees

In which year did the New England Patriots select Deion Branch in the NFL Draft?





Who hit Tom Brady to drop the ball in the infamous “tuck rule” play of the 2001 “Snow Bowl” playoff game?

Greg Biekert

Eric Barton

Charles Woodson

Tory James

How many regular season games did the Patriots lose in the 2022 season?





Who was the MVP of Super Bowl 36 between New England Patriots and St. Louis Rams?

Troy Brown

Antowain Smith

Kevin Faulk

Tom Brady

How many times was Troy Brown a Super Bowl winner?

Three Times

Five Times

Two Times


Who started 15 games at quarterback for the Patriots in 2020?

Tom Brady

Matt Cassel

Cam Newton

Mac Jones

The New England Patriots were the first NFL team to achieve what record during the regular season?





Corey Dillon set the New England Patriots all-time single-season rushing record in 2004 of what?

3,635 Yards

2,635 Yards

1,635 Yards

935 Yards

Super Bowl XLII marked the fifth appearance of which Patriot in his 13-year career?

Matt Cassel

Andre Tippett

Mike Lodish

Tedy Bruschi

Who is the general manager of the 2023 New England Patriots?

Lou Anarumo

Kyle Shanahan

Mick Lombardi

Bill Belichick

What uniform number did the New England Patriots retire for NFL great Gino Cappelletti?





What place did the New England Patriots finish in their division in the 2022 NFL season?





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