21 Nursery Rhymes Trivia Questions To Prove You’re A Mother Goose

Do you remember your preschool and kindergarten days, playing clapping games and singing songs with your friends? Maybe you clapped merrily along to “Pat-A-Cake,” or tried to trip each other up with the “Peter Piper” tongue twister. And who can forget playing “London Bridge is Falling Down” on the playground and trying not to get caught when the “bridge” fell down?

Now’s the time to bring out your inner preschooler and test your nursery rhymes trivia knowledge. See if you can name who kissed the girls and made them cry or who ran away with the spoon. So invite a child to take the quiz with you and sing along to each question. It’s more fun that way, we promise! Hint: you should brush up on your Barney and Friends episodes before trying this set of nursery rhymes trivia questions and answers.

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In the nursery rhyme “Little Boy Blue”, where are the cows?

Getting Milked

In The Barn

In The Corn

At The Circus

In “Sing a Song of Sixpence”, what was baked in the pie?





In the rhyme “All Around the Mulberry Bush”, who chased the weasel?





What blew off of the top of spaghetti when somebody sneezed?

My Poor Sauce

My Poor Meatball

My Poor Fork

My Poor Cheese

According to the nursery rhyme, who did Georgie Porgie run from?

Humpty Dumpty

The Boys

His Mother

The Girls

What did “The Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe” feed her kids?

Shoe Polish




In “Little Bunny FooFoo”, what did the good fairy turn Bunny FooFoo into?

A Frog

A Goon

A Snail

A Swan

In what song did she “cut off their tales with a carving knife”?

The Farmer In The Dell

In A Cabin In The Woods

Over In The Meadow

Three Blind Mice

When “London Bridge Is Falling Down”, why can’t they build it up with pins and needles?

They Will Wash Away

They Will Bend And Break

They Use Pins And Needles

They Have None

Which nursery rhyme character had so many children she didn’t know what to do?

The Old Lady Who Lived In A Shoe

Miss Muffet

Little Bo Peep

Old Mother Hubbard

In the “Owl and the Pussycat”, they took some honey and lots of money and wrapped it in a what?

In A Goat

Pea Green Boat

A Five Pound Note

In A Loaf

What song asks you to “shake it all about”?

Hot Cross Buns

Hokey Pokey

Chicken Dance

Where Is Thumbkin?

In the rhyme “Humpty Dumpty”, where was Humpty Dumpty sitting?

On A Wall

On A Horse

On A Chair

In The Grass

Finish the line from “The Farmer in the Dell”: “Hi-ho…”?

Fi Fum

The Cherry-O

The Fairy-O

The Derry-O

Which rhyme is used to pick one person or object out of several?

Jack And Jill

Eeny Meeny Miny Moe

Baa Baa Black Sheep

The Farmer In The Dell

In the rhyme “Hickory Dickory Dock”, what time did the clock strike?





What did the Knave of Hearts do to the Queen of Hearts’ tarts in the nursery rhyme?

Smelled Them

Stole Them

Helped Bake Them

Ate Them

In the rhyme “Hey Diddle Diddle”, who runs away with the spoon?

The Dish

The Cow

The Fork

The Knife

What did “Betty Botter” need for her batter?





When the ants were marching one by one, what did the little one stop to do?

Turn Around

Pick A Mum

Grab A Bun

Suck His Thumb

Where did “Peter, Peter Pumpkin Eater” put his wife?

Orange Rind

Apple Peel

Pea Pod

Pumpkin Shell

In the rhyme “Baa, Baa, Black Sheep”, how many bags of wool are mentioned?





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