101 Ancient and Medieval Trivia Questions To See If You’re Worthy To Rule Your Empire

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Ancient & Medieval


September 7, 2022

What exactly is a “garderobe” and where did it get its name? Rome wasn’t built in a day—so how long did it take? Can you name just five of the top 20 ancient Chinese inventions? What made global seafaring navigation possible? Which came first—wooly mammoths or the Great Pyramids at Giza? When did the first influenza outbreak occur and where? How often did people in the ancient world bathe? If you jumped at the chance to answer any of these, this quiz is the right one for you.

Do you enjoy dressing up for Renaissance fairs (slightly misnamed as they usually feature medieval European life)? Are the Greek philosophers your heroes? Maybe you’re a historian, a teacher of Latin or Greek, or maybe you’re just fascinated by the structure of ancient and medieval societies. If you want to test out your knowledge of some of the most colorful and scandalous societies in history, try our set of trivia questions and answers to see how you measure up. How much do you know about days gone by? Let’s find out!

If you consider yourself an aficionado of all things ancient and archaic, you’ll have no problem defeating our history trivia quiz. Why not continue your epic conquests with other historical topics, like Greek mythology, politics, and war? Or try your hand at our collection of the best trivia questions and answers.

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