21 Serial Killer Trivia Questions For True Crime Buffs

Are you the kind of person who has devoured every episode of Forensic Files? Do you listen to true crime podcasts on your way to work? You probably think that there’s no way that you could lose a game of serial killer trivia. But we’ve done our research, and we feel we can provide you with an exciting challenge.

So if the idea of spending the night with friends and testing your chops in a game of serial killer trivia questions and answers sounds fun? We’ve got you covered. Our Serial Killer quiz questions cover infamous serial killers such as John Wayne Gacy, Ted Bundy, the Zodiac Killer, and even Charles Manson. Of course, those aren’t the only ones, but that’s just to get your blood pumping and thoughts churning.

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What was the original nickname of David Berkowitz before the “Son of Sam” letter?

Cousin Of Victor

Son Of Frances

The .44 Caliber Killer

Psycho Kat

What was Dennis Rader’s sentence for admitting to killing ten people?

175 Years

Execution By Lethal Injection

Life Sentence

40 Years

What were Charlie Manson’s followers called?

The Manson Family

Friends Of Manson

The Manson Men

The Manson Clan

What is the real name of the female killer, who was part of the Manson Family, and Sharon Tate’s killer?

Patricia Krenwinkle

Susan Denise Atkins

Sadie Mae Glutz

Leslie Van Houten

What does the abbreviation MO mean, as used by FBI profilers?

Make Official

Modus Operandi

Modus Opportuni

Most Objective

What misspelled Beatles song was written in blood at Charlie Manson’s crime spree scene?

Helter Skelter

Hey Jude

Revolution No. 9

Let’s Do It In The Road

What is the name of the Florida sorority associated with Ted Bundy?

Alpha Delta Pi

Delta Delta Delta

Delta Gamma

Chi Omega

Who did the “Jack the Ripper” typically prey on?





Along with Kenneth Bianchi, who was the other Hillside Strangler?

Charles Whitman

Jeffrey Dahmer

Joel Rifkin

Angelo Buono

What vehicle was Ted Bundy driving when he kidnapped and murdered Kimberly Leach?

A White Van

A Minivan

A White VW bug

An Orange VW bug

The serial killer Buffalo Bill from “Silence of the Lambs” was based in part on which of the following murderers?

Jeffery Dahmer

Paul Bernando

Ed Gein

John Wayne Gacy

How did the “BTK” killer sign his first letter to the newspaper?





What state was Ed Gein’s base of operations?





What was Albert Fish famous for doing to his victims?

Eating Them

Mutilating Them

Beheading Them

Setting Their Bodies On Fire

How old was Jeffrey Dahmer’s third victim, Jaime Doxtator?





Which Kansas city did Dennis Rader, the “BTK” killer, terrorize?


Kansas City

Dodge City


How did “Son of Sam” David Berkowitz finally get caught?

Traffic Ticket

His Ex-Girlfriend Called The Police

Pulled Over By Police For Speeding

DNA Evidence

What college did Jeffrey Dahmer flunk out of?

Antioch College

Ohio State University

Wright State University

Ohio University

What city did “Jack the Ripper” terrorize?

New York




What was Charles Manson’s original sentence?

25 Years To Life

Death Penalty

Life Sentence With Parole

Life Sentence With No Parole

What did John Wayne Gacy like to dress up as?

A Clown

A Paramedic

A Police Officer

Mickey Mouse

You can do better

Not bad


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