Who plays shortstop for the 2023 Orioles?

James McCann

Dean Kremer

Jorge Mateo

Austin Hayes

What is the nickname the Baltimore Orioles known by?

The Birds


Big Birds


What Orioles player hit for the cycle on June 22, 2022?

Austin Hayes

Jorge Mateo

Gunnar Henderson

Adam Frazier

Who got his 2,000th career hit in the first inning against the Baltimore Orioles on April 8, 2017?

Edwin Encarnacion

Albert Pujols

Mookie Betts

Matt Holliday

Who managed the Baltimore Orioles when they won the 1983 World Series?

Dick Williams

Cal Ripken, Sr.

Earl Weaver

Joe Altobelli

What was the Baltimore Orioles’ win-loss record for the 2022 MLB season?

83 Wins 79 Losses

78 Wins 84 Losses

100 Wins 62 Losses

52 Wins 110 Losses

What position in the AL East did the Orioles end up in for the 2020 MLB season?





What position does Kyle Brandish play for the 2023 Baltimore Orioles?



Center Field


Who is a catcher on the 2023 Baltimore Orioles team?

Anthony Bass

James McCann

Albert Abreu

Kutter Crawford

What team did the Orioles go 6 wins 0 losses against in 2022?

Boston Red Sox

NY Yankees

Houston Astros

Texas Rangers

What team did the Baltimore Orioles defeat to win their first World Series title?

Los Angeles Dodgers

New York Mets

Cincinnati Reds

Pittsburgh Pirates

Who played with the Baltimore Orioles in all 6 of their World Series appearances from 1966 – 1983?

Eddie Murray

Pete Rose

Jim Palmer

Scott McGregor

What were the Baltimore Orioles called before they relocated prior to the 1954 season?

Minnesota Twins

Kansas City Royals

St. Louis Rams

St. Louis Browns

Which Baltimore Orioles player won the American League MVP Award in 1991?

Cal Ripken, Jr.

Mike Devereaux

Dwight Evans

Brady Anderson

What year was outfielder Austin Hays born?





Which baseball player for the Baltimore Orioles was MVP of the American League in 1983?

George Brett

Rollie Fingers

Cal Ripken, Jr.

Robin Yount

Who is the principal owner of the Baltimore Orioles in 2023?

Charlie Pistone

Peter Angelos

Brandon Hyde

Mike Elias

How many regular season home runs did the 2022 Baltimore Orioles hit?





What number is on Adam Frazier’s uniform for the 2023 Orioles?





What team did the Baltimore Orioles defeat to win the 1983 World Series title?

Los Angeles Dodgers

Philadelphia Phillies

Pittsburgh Pirates

Cincinnati Reds

What number does Ryan McKenna wear for the 2023 Orioles?





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