21 Milwaukee Brewers Trivia Questions: Are You a Brewers Brainiac?

Established in 1969 as the Seattle Pilots, and then moved to Milwaukee a year later, the Milwaukee Brewers have been bringing joy and excitement to baseball fans for over half a century. Their history might not be as long as some other teams, but it is filled with memorable moments, fantastic players, and a fan base that is passionate and dedicated.

Our Milwaukee Brewers trivia questions and answers will take you on a journey through the Brewers’ history, from their humble beginnings to their recent successes. This Milwaukee Brewers quiz covers everything from players’ stats, memorable games, and even some behind-the-scenes trivia.

Are you ready to hit a home run with this Brewers trivia? Let’s find out how much you know about this storied MLB team!

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Who was the first manager of the Milwaukee Brewers?

Roy McMillan

Buck Rodgers

Dave Bristol

Del Crandall

Whose Milwaukee Brewers’ rookie record did Prince Fielder break with his 18th home run in a season?

Vince Perkins

Mike Rivera

Greg Vaughn

Bill Hall

What position does Freddy Peralta play for the 2023 Milwaukee Brewers?


Third Base


Left Field

What does Chris Hook do for the 2023 Milwaukee Brewers?

Pitching Coach

Chief Scout


Crew Chief

Which pitcher for the Milwaukee Brewers was MVP of the American League in 1981?

Robin Yount

Rollie Fingers

George Brett

Ryne Sandberg

Who threw the first no-hitter for the Milwaukee Brewers?

Juan Nieves

Jim Colborn

Ben Sheets

Don Sutton

Who batted .219 with 35 home runs in 2022 for the Brewers?

Luis Urias

Hunter Renfroe

Willy Adames

Rowdy Tellez

In 2021, where did the Milwaukee Brewers finish in their division?

Fourth Place

First Place

Third Place

Second Place

What is the name of the Milwaukee Brewers mascot?

Randolph Brewington

Bennie Brewer

Bobby Brewer

Bernie Brewer

How much of his 20-year career did Robin Yount spend with the Milwaukee Brewers?

One Year

Ten Years

Twenty Years

Nineteen Years

What was the Milwaukee Brewers’ original city and nickname?

Washington Senators

Seattle Pilots

They’ve Always Been In Milwaukee

St. Louis Browns

The 1970-77 Milwaukee Brewers’ logo featured which character?

Bernie Brewer

Barrel Man

Mitt Brewer

Barley Guy

Who is a catcher on the 2023 Milwaukee Brewers team?

Víctor Caratini

Adbert Alzolay

Jesse Chavez

Jake Bird

Who won the most games on the 2022 Brewers pitching staff?

Brandon Woodruff

Corbin Burnes

Adrian Houser

Devin Williams

Who is a first base coach for the 2023 Milwaukee Brewers?

Chad Forcier

Bud Black

Quintin Berry

John Schneider

In 2022, where did the Milwaukee Brewers finish in their division?

First Place

Second Place

Third Place

Fourth Place

How many home runs did the Milwaukee Brewers hit in the 2022 MLB regular season?





What was the Milwaukee Brewers’ win-loss record for the 2022 MLB season?

101 Wins 61 Losses

69 Wins 93 Losses

92 Wins 70 Losses

86 Wins 76 Losses

Who was the first general manager of the Milwaukee Brewers?

Frank Lane

Jim Wilson

Marvin Mikes

Jim Baumer

What nickname was given to the 1987 Milwaukee Brewers?

Team Looser

Team Miracle

Team Cinderella

Team Streak

What was the World Series dubbed in 1982 when the Milwaukee Brewers played the St. Louis Cardinals?

Beer Bowl

Saint Series

Blame Games

Suds Series

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