21 California Trivia Questions That Will Take 20 Minutes, Depending on Traffic!

Widely known as the Golden State, California is home to many notable geographic and historic sites. Hollywood, Malibu, San Francisco, Monterey Bay, and Santa Monica are just a few of the most prominent cities in The El Dorado State. It is also home to Yosemite National Park, which is one of the most visited National Parks every year. 

Whether you want to lay on the beach, hike through the forests, or drive up the beautiful and famous Pacific Coast Highway, California has so much to offer. There is something for everyone of all ages!  

With these many offerings, you might be wondering just how much you know about the state. These California trivia questions and answers will test your knowledge and figure out just how much you know about it! 

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Sunset Strip is the name given to the mile-and-a-half section of what street?

Hollywood Boulevard

Sierra Drive

Rodeo Drive

Sunset Boulevard

Who performed at Folsom State Prison in California in the late 1960s?

Ray Charles

Johnny Cash

The Doors

Frank Sinatra

What highway can one follow all the way up the coast of California?

Highway 1

Route 66

U.S. 287

Interstate 5

Where is the longest-running jazz festival in the world held every September?

Mountain View



Silver Lake

Which California beach town hosts the Pageant of the Masters?

Long Beach

Newport Beach

Huntington Beach

Laguna Beach

What is the capital of California?



Los Angeles

San Francisco

Which California city is the center of a metropolis that spans five counties?

San Bernardino

Los Angeles

San Francisco

San Diego

In what California city is Google headquartered?

San Francisco

Palo Alto


Mountain View

Who was the first English explorer to reach California?

Sir Francis Drake

James Cook

Sir Walter Raleigh

Humphrey Davies

What beach is also known as the original Surf City, USA?

Imperial Beach

Mission Beach

Pismo Beach

Huntington Beach

Where in the state of California can you visit Alcatraz Island?


Clear Lake

San Francisco


What does La Jolla mean in Spanish?

The Sparkle

The Jewel

The Beach

The Rich

Which city is considered the county seat of Orange County?

City Of Orange

Santa Ana


Newport Beach

The two-letter abbreviation for the state of California is?





Who is featured on California’s commemorative quarter, released in 2005?

An Unnamed Gold Miner

Sebastian Viscaino

Ronald Reagan

John Muir

What two river systems are located in California’s Central Valley?

San Jose And San Jacinta

San Joaquin And Rio Grande

San Joaquin And Sacramento

Rio Grande And Sacramento

What is Los Angeles International Airport commonly called?




Hollywood Air

In what city is the free Fillmore Street Jazz Festival?


Los Angeles

San Francisco

San Diego

What does Pink’s food stand in Hollywood specialize in serving?

Egg Rolls


Fried Shrimp

Hot Dogs

In what California city is Knott’s Berry Farm located?

Santa Cruz


Buena Park

San Diego

Where does Haight-Ashbury get its name from?

A Song From The 60’s

Two Early San Francisco Leaders

The Mayor From 1875

A Japanese Business Man

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