21 Florida Trivia Questions To Take You From Tallahassee To The Keys

Florida is one of the most populous states in America, with several large cities and major tourist destinations. But did you know it was once a Spanish colony or a haven for runaway enslaved peoples and pirates? If not, this Florida quiz might be harder than you think. You can test your knowledge of the Sunshine State’s history, culture, geography, and more.

Many people know Disney World, Miami, and the state’s famous beaches. If you’ve spent time here, you may even remember a few facts about the creatures of the Everglades, especially alligators. Few people know that you’ll also find the world’s longest sidewalk here, or that over 1,000 people move here every day. We guarantee these Florida trivia questions and answers with stump even lifelong residents.

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What Nobel prize-winning author’s former home is open to the public in Key West, Florida?

William Shakespeare

Ernest Hemmingway

John Steinbeck

Jack Kerouac

Which of these US states borders Florida?


South Carolina



What hotel is the most recognizable and photographed spot in South Beach?

Sagamore Hotel

Beach Hotel

Colony Hotel

Winterhaven Hotel

What was the sports beverage “Gatorade” named for?

Florida State University Gators

University Of Florida Gators

Alligators Of The Everglades

Disney Characters

Where is the only living coral reef in the forty-eight continental states located?

Padre Island, Texas

Florida Keys

Channel Islands, California

Acadia National Park, Maine

What was the name of the Miami hotel where Frank Sinatra performed many times?




Front Street

How many miles south of Miami, Florida, do the Florida Keys begin?





What is the geographical term for the Florida Keys landform?





When did Florida achieve statehood in the USA?

May 29, 1790

March 3, 1845

April 30, 1812

December 18, 1787

What is the name of the old Fort in the Dry Tortugas, 70 miles West of Key West, FL?

Ft. Jefferson

Ft. Harrison

Ft. Washington

Ft. Jackson

What is the biggest key in land area of the Florida Keys?

Key West

Big Pine Key

Long Key

Key Largo

What type of climate can be found in the Florida Keys?





Which hotel in St. Petersburg Beach, Florida, is also known as the “Pink Lady”?

Don Cesar

Don Romeo

Don Phillipe

Don Juan

While on his search for the Fountain of Youth, which explorer named Espiritu Santo Springs, FL?

Juan Ponce De Leon

Hernando De Soto

Christopher Columbus

Vasco De Gama

Which Florida “fort” was active during both World Wars, the Civil War and the Spanish-American War?

Fort Zachary Taylor

Fort Pierce

Fort Myers

Fort Lauderdale

Which city would you find in Florida?


Port St. Lucie



Which of these Florida cities will you find in Manatee County?

Vero Beach



Fort Pierce

Which Florida city is known as the “Venice of America”?

Fort Lauderdale

St. Petersburg



How long was the longest bridge in the Florida Keys in 2006?

3.5 Miles

2 Miles

5 Miles

7 Miles

What are the state bird and state tree of Florida?

Eastern Goldfinch And Red Oak

Mockingbird And Sabal Palmetto

Common Loon And Red Pine

Scissor-Tailed Flycatcher And Redbud

What is the name of the campground at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida?

Camp Mickey

Fort Wilderness

Camp Minnie

Fort Disney

Which Florida city is the home to many rocket launches?

Cape Canaveral


Key West


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