21 Cleveland Cavaliers Trivia Questions For Every Die-Hard Cavs Fan

When it comes to iconic basketball moments, the Cleveland Cavaliers never disappoint. From their inaugural season in 1970 to their heart-stopping championship run in 2016 led by LeBron James, the Cavs have provided fans with countless memories. They have not only carved a unique place in the NBA but also in the hearts of their ardent supporters.

Are you one of those who jump with joy when the Cavs make a three-pointer or execute a perfect alley-oop? If so, these Cleveland Cavaliers trivia questions and answers are perfect for you. This Cavs quiz covers a wide range of topics, from the team’s formation and early struggles to their golden era and beyond.

So, are you ready to put your Cavs knowledge to the ultimate test? Lace up your sneakers, and let’s hit the court of trivia!

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Which rookie averaged 18.5 points per game for the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2011-12?

Samardo Samuels

Kyrie Irving

Alonzo Gee

Dion Waiters

What was the Cleveland Cavaliers’ overall win-loss record for the 2014-15 regular season?





Which of these teams plays in the same division as the Cleveland Cavs?

Charlotte Hornets

Washington Wizards

Boston Celtics

Milwaukee Bucks

Who played the most games for the Cavs in the 2022-23 regular season?

Donovan Mitchell

Jarrett Allen

Evan Mobley

Darius Garland

Who scored the most points for the Cleveland Cavs in the 2023 post-season games?

Caris LeVert

Evan Mobley

Robin Lopez

Donovan Mitchell

What number uniform did LeBron James wear for the 2014-15 Cavs?





Who did the Cleveland Cavaliers pick for their first pick in the 2011 NBA draft?

Chandler Parsons

Milan Macvan

Markieff Morris

Kyrie Irving

Who wears a #10 uniform for the 2022-23 Cleveland Cavs?

Jarrett Allen

Cedi Osman

Darius Garland

Ed Davis

How many points per game did LeBron James average in the 2005-2006 regular season with the Cleveland Cavaliers?





How many games did the Cleveland Cavaliers win in the NBA 2022-23 regular season?

35 Games

53 Games

51 Games

22 Games

How many assists per game did Donovan Mitchell average in the 2022-23 post-season games?

7.2 Assists

4.2 Assists

11.2 Assists

3.2 Assists

Which two rookies played for the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2012-13?

Alonzo Gee and Chris Quinn

Omri Casspi and Daniel Gibson

Donald Sloan and Luke Walton

Kevin Jones and Dion Waiters

Who led the Cleveland Cavaliers in points per game in the NBA 2022-23 regular season?

Evan Mobley

Darius Garland

Donovan Mitchell

Cedi Osman

Which 2019-20 Cleveland Cavs member was born in a suburban city in the Toronto Area?

Tristan Thompson

Brandon Knight

Larry Nance Jr.

Kevin Porter Jr.

The Cleveland Cavaliers set an NBA Playoff record in 2009 with how many consecutive double-digit wins?





What year was Evan Mobley born?





Who was the head coach in the 2011-2012 NBA season for the Cleveland Cavaliers?

Byron Scott

Scott Skiles

Tom Thibodeau

Rick Carlisle

Who did the Cleveland Cavaliers take with the 1st overall pick in the 2013 NBA Draft?

Carrick Felix

Anthony Bennett

Sergey Karasev

Allen Crabbe

Why did the Cavs suspend guard J.R. Smith after a loss to the Philadelphia 76ers in March 2018?

Punched LeBron

Refused To Play

Threw Soup At Assistant Coach

Missed Practice

At what age was Cleveland Cavalier LeBron James the youngest NBA player to score 2,000 points?





What number uniform does Darius Garland wear for the Cleveland Cavs?





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