60 Halloween Movie Trivia Questions To Test Your Jump Scare Knowledge

Halloween brings chilly autumn winds, candy, and costumes, but most of all, it brings plenty of scares. The season has everything from cackling witches to brain-eating zombies to dancing skeletons. You probably have a few classic Halloween movie themes running through your head right now, like, “Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters!” or the haunting Halloween theme.

Our Halloween movie trivia quiz has questions for horror movie fans and people who love pumpkins and ghosts and vampires, and all other spooky specimens of the season. Which Halloween movie won the Oscar for Best Original Song? What was the name of Michael Myers’ older sister? Where does The Exorcist take place? There are plenty more sweet morsels where those Halloween movie trivia questions and answers came from.

So take the quiz and see if you can beat Screamface at his game. If you think you know everything about Halloween movies, why not try out our Nightmare Before Christmas quiz or our Halloween holiday quiz?

“Halloween” was originally meant to be a sequel to what movie?

My Bloody Valentine

Silent Night Deadly Night


Black Christmas

What is the name of the boy Jamie Lee Curtis (Laurie) babysat in “Halloween”?

Tommy Doyle

Justin Pratt

Chad Smith

Simon Polk

Who plays the security guard in “Halloween H20: 20 Years Later”?

LL Cool B

LL Cool J

DJ Kool

Jam Master J

What is the name of the high school in “Halloween”?

Beverly Hills High

Haddonfield High

Rydell High

Ridgemont High

In “Halloween III”, what is the name of the town that is spooked?

Evadu Saint

Santa Clova

Santa Mira

Cuesta Verde

What actor played Dr. Sam Loomis in “Halloween”?

Donald Pleasence

Leslie Nielsen

Paul Newman

Marlon Brando

Who directed the 2007 “Halloween” movie remake?

David Brewer

Quentin Tarantino

Rob Zombie

John Singleton

Who was offered the role of Barry Simms in “Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers”?

John Carpenter

Howard Stern

Regis Philbin

Rush Limbaugh

What is the tagline for the horror movie “Halloween III”?

The Night No One Comes Home

They’re Heeeeeere

Things That Go Bump In The Night

He’s Here And He’s Mad

In the film “Halloween”, who did Laurie Strode want to ask to the prom?

Ben Tramer

Dennis Wright

Malcolm Brooks

Michael Myers

How many children were supposed to be murdered on Halloween night in “Halloween III”?

5 Thousand

No Children, Just Adults

1 Million

50 Million

Who was the boy in Michael’s costume killed by a police car in “Halloween II”?

Derrick Jackson

Ben Tramer

Liev Shriber

Wayne Campbell

What was the original title of the movie “Halloween” supposed to be?

Evil In White

The Babysitter Murders

Trick Or Die

Killer In A White Mask

What movie was the old couple watching in “Halloween II”?

Return Of The Living Dead

Night Of The Living Dead

Dead People Walking

The Hills Have Eyes

Who was killed in “Halloween” but returned in “Halloween III”?

Nancy Loomis

Lynda Van Der Klok

Graveyard Keeper

Laurie Strode

What is the killer’s name featured in the 2007 version of “Halloween”?


Jason Voorhees


Michael Myers

Who plays the warlock in “Halloween III”?

Dean Cundy

Irwin Yablans

Tom Atkins

Dan O’Herlihy

How old is Ben Tramer in “Halloween 2”?





Who plays Dan in “Halloween III”?

Tom Atkins

Alan Howarth

Irwin Yablans

Don Knotts

Who played Psychiatrist Dr. Sam Loomis, in “Halloween” horror flicks?

Luke Perry

Gretchen Mol

Tobey Maguire

Donald Pleasence

Which three characters are on the front of the horror movie “Halloween III”?

Pumpkin, Skeleton, Witch

Skeleton, Witch, Devil

Pumpkin, Witch, Devil

Frankenstein, Witch, Rabbit

What is the name of the old couple in “Halloween II”?

Jane And Paul

Mr. And Mrs. Hemsly

Mr. And Mrs. Elkhart

Mr. And Mrs. Elrod

Who played Michael Myers’ sister in the movie “Halloween 2”?

Jamie Lee Curtis

None Of These

Carrie Fisher

Janet Leigh

Steve Miner, the director of the 1986 horror movie “House”, also directed which “Halloween” movie?

Halloween 3: Season Of The Witch

Halloween H20

Halloween 6: Curse Of Michael Myers

Halloween 2

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