21 Lion King Trivia Questions to Test Your Knowledge of the Kingdom

Any Disney fan can tell you that The Lion King is one of the most iconic children’s films ever produced, but this beloved story has a broader reach than just the animated classic. People from all over the world are familiar with this incredible adventure. It’s easy to fall in love with Simba and his companions as they navigate the treacherous terrain of the African wilderness. 

This story has such a rich history that it’s easy to find something new to learn about this famous tale. From its debut on the screen to its deep roots in theater, it’s a show that has made its way across several entertainment platforms. If you consider yourself a true fan and expert on everything that happens at Pride Rock, The Lion King trivia questions and answers are for you. Find out if you know your stuff.

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In “The Lion King”, how many times did Mufasa show his claws?

Three Times




How many people were used for the speaking voice of Simba in the movie “The Lion King”?





What was the name of the lion cub who became the Lion King in the film “The Lion King”?





Who voiced the character Shenzi in “The Lion King”?

Oprah Winfrey

Whoopi Goldberg

Naomi Campbell

Julia Roberts

In the movie “The Lion King”, what was believed to be the stars in the sky?

Pride Rock

All The Great Kings Of The Past

Simba’s Uncle Scar

All The Great Animals From The Past

In “The Lion King”, who is Timon’s first best friend and frequent companion?





What is the title of the second “Lion King” film?

Lion Power


Scar Returns

Simba’s Pride

Who directed the 2019 remake of the movie “The Lion King”?

James Cameron

Jon Favreau

Ben Stiller

Hans Zimmer

Who directed the 1994 animated film “The Lion King”?

Ivan Reitman

Rob Minkoff

Andy Tennant

Lars Von Trier

Who voiced the young Simba in “The Lion King”?

Brad Pitt

Dean Everlast

John Travolta

Jonathan Taylor Thomas

Which of these people did not provide a voice for the hyenas in “The Lion King”?

Tommy Chong

Whoopi Goldberg

They All Were

Cheech Marin

Who sang “Can you feel the love tonight” in the movie “The Lion King”?

Elton John

Michael Jackson

Bryan Adams

Rod Stewart

Who provided the voice for King Mufasa in “The Lion King”?

Denzel Washington

Will Smith

Samuel Jackson

James Earl Jones

What does the saying from “The Lion King”, Hakuna Matata mean?


No Worries

Lion Power

Stay Hungry

What was the name of Nala’s mother in the movie “The Lion King”?





Who did the voice of Zazu in the “Lion King”?

Dan Tanaka

Rowan Atkinson

Tom Hanks

Robin Williams

Who chased Simba out of the Pridelands and into the desert in “The Lion King”?





Who does the voice of adult Kiara in “The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride”?

Madge Sinclair

Zoe Leader

Neve Campbell

Suzanne Pleshette

In the movie “The Lion King”, Sarabi is the name of which character?

Simba’s Mate

Simba’s Mother

Scar’s Sister

Nala’s Mother

Who supplied the voice of Timon in Disney’s “The Lion King”?

Robin Williams

Dan Castenetta

Nathan Lane

Don Rickles

Who performed the voice of Scar in the “Lion King”?

Jeremy Irons

Jack Palance

James Earl Jones

Anthony Hopkins

Besides “The Lion King”, what other Disney movie did Scar have an appearance in?

Toy Story



Beauty And The Beast

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Not bad


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