21 Saw Trivia Questions: Are You Ready To Play A Game?

The ‘Saw’ movies, with their blend of psychological drama, intense suspense, and brutal gore, have redefined the horror genre for a generation of viewers. James Wan’s brainchild, the series has grown from a low-budget film to a franchise that’s captivated and horrified audiences worldwide, leaving them pondering the chilling riddles and gruesome death traps.

These Saw trivia questions and answers will delve into the dark corners of the series, from the macabre machinations of Jigsaw to the intricate storylines that have kept viewers on the edge of their seats. This Saw movie quiz is not for the faint of heart – just like Jigsaw’s games.

Are you ready to dive into the twisted world of ‘Saw’? Let’s see if you have what it takes to survive this trivia. But remember, in the immortal words of Jigsaw, “Live or die, make your choice.”

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Who played the character Detective David Tapp from the “Saw” film franchise?

Morris Chestnut

Danny Glover

Michael Ealy

Billy Dee Williams

In Saw V and VI, what was the hospital which treated several surviving victims of John Kramer?

Seaside Wellness Center

Saint Eustace Hospital

Seattle Grace Hospital

Eastman Medical Center

In which “Saw” film was the character of John Kramer killed?


Saw IV



How long did filming take for the first “Saw” film?

3 Months

21 Months

18 Days

72 Hours

What is the main theme song from the “Saw” horror film franchise?

The Downward Spiral

The Stick Burns

Hello Zepp (Zepp Overture)


In the opening scene of “Saw IV”, Detective Hoffman is called to hear a cassette tape found where?

In A Puppet

Jigsaw’s Pocket

Amanda Young’s Purse

Jigsaw’s Stomach

What was the reason Adam Stanheight was tested in “Saw”?


Spying On People

Stealing Money

Bad Manners

What actor played the primary antagonist of the “Saw” franchise?

Tobin Bell

Angus Scrimm

Christopher Lee

Brad Dourif

What was Adam Stanheight’s profession in the movie “Saw”?

Freelance Photographer

Hardware Salesman



Which is a song title from the soundtrack from “Jigsaw” by Charlie Clouser?

The Shape Burns

USB Stick

The Evil Is Gone!

The Shape Lurks

What was Zep Hindle’s profession in the movie “Saw”?


Hospital Orderly

Pizza Maker


Who directed the first movie in the “Saw” franchise?

James Wan

Brandon Cronenberg

Jordan Peele

Antonio Campos

Released in October 2017, what was the eighth film in the Saw franchise?

Saw Again



Saw 3D

Which production company is best known for producing the “Saw” film franchise?

Blumhouse Productions

Dark Sky

Ghost House Pictures

Twisted Pictures

What is used by John Kramer to communicate with his test subjects in the “Saw” movies?

Sammy the Puppet

Billy the Puppet

Billy the Clown

Sammy the Doll

Why was Amanda Young sentenced to jail in “Saw”?

Drug Possession


Tax Fraud

Auto Theft

What character in the “Saw” films does Australian actor Costas Mandylor portray?

Mark Hoffman

Dan Erickson

Agent Strahm

Eric Matthews

What was the run-down, dilapidated motel on the main street in the “Saw” films?

Hotel Barfly

Mercy Hotel

Hotel Seven

Tapper’s Hotel

Which “Saw” film had the higher worldwide box office receipts?



Saw VI


Which film is also known as “Saw: The Final Chapter”?



Saw IV

Saw 3D

In “Saw”, who shot and killed Detective David Tapp?

Lawrence Gordon

John Kramer

Zep Hindle

Jill Tuck

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