21 Toy Story Trivia Questions to Play Around With

What kid didn’t wonder what their toys got up to when they were away? In Toy Story, you get to find out exactly what sorts of shenanigans play-things can get themselves into. Woody isn’t just a Sheriff in the Wild Wild West. He also happens to be Andy’s favorite toy, but all of this is threatened when Andy receives a flashy new action figure for his birthday. In a desperate attempt to bring back his claim, he finds himself isolated with the intruder Buzz Lightyear, and they will have to work together to get home.

Anyone born in the 90s is familiar with this Disney Pixar classic. Both children and adults have continued to follow Woody on his many adventures, and it has a special place in the hearts of Disney fans. You might even spot some of these classic characters throughout other Disney films. Think you know as much as the most avid enthusiasts? Check out these Toy Story trivia questions and answers to put your knowledge to the test.

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Who explodes a Combat Carl toy with fireworks in “Toy Story”?




Mr. Potato Head

Where is the museum that Al sells the toys to in “Toy Story 2”?





Who voiced Kenneth “Ken” Carson in “Toy Story 3”?

Matt Damon

Jim Carrey

Jim Belushi

Michael Keaton

In the movie “Toy Story 2”, what famous boxing match was spoofed by Rock-em Sock-em’s missing ear?





Who provided the voice of Jessie the Yodeling Cowgirl in “Toy Story 2”?

Meg Ryan

Annie Potts

Joan Cusack

Estelle Harris

How old is Andy in the 2010 film “Toy Story 3”?

12 Years Old

7 Years Old

17 Years Old

34 Years Old

What kind of camp does Andy go to in “Toy Story 2”?

Science Camp

Space Camp

Cowboy Camp

Baseball Camp

In “Toy Story”, what part of Woody’s body does Sid burn a hole in?

This Never Happens

His Arm

His Chest

His Head

The movie “Toy Story” was directed by whom?

John Lasseter

Doug Liman

Robert Rodriguez

Tom Shadyac

What kind of animal is Bullseye in “Toy Story 2”?

A Penguin

A Dinosaur

A Horse

A Dog

What “Toy Story 4” character is a Canadian stuntman toy?

Duke Caboom

Jumbo Jinx



What was the name of the evil neighbor’s dog in “Toy Story”?





Who was one of the writers for 1995’s “Toy Story”?

Diablo Cody

Aaron Sorkin

Joss Whedon

Oliver Stone

Who was the voice of Bo Peep in “Toy Story” and Janine Melnitz in “Ghostbusters”?

Annie Potts

James Marshall

Yusaku Matsuda

Sean Penn

What two characters are voiced by Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele in “Toy Story 4”?

Woody, Buzz

Benson, Smith

Ally, Giggles

Ducky, Bunny

Sid made an appearance in “Toy Story 3”, working where?

As An Uber Driver

On A Garbage Truck

In A Fast Food Restaurant

In A School

Who voiced Duke Caboom in “Toy Story 4”?

Keanu Reeves

Matt Damon

Dave Chappelle

Ben Affleck

What color is Jessie’s hat in “Toy Story 2”?





In “Toy Story 2”, what was the television show where Woody was a star?

Cowboy Way

Howdy Doody

Woody’s Roundup

Sheriff Woody

The official “Toy Story 4” trailer is set to what song by the Beach Boys?

Wouldn’t It Be Nice


Good Vibrations

God Only Knows

Who did the voice of Woody in “Toy Story”?

Robin Williams

Don Rickles

Tim Allen

Tom Hanks

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