21 One Direction Trivia Questions for the True Stan

Harry. Louis. Zayne. Liam. Niall. It doesn’t matter who your favorite is, we know that all of them were part of one amazing group: One Direction. Whether you were a screaming fangirl at their first concert or are just discovering their music now, there’s no doubt that One Direction was a seminal part of the 2000s and 2010s. 

However, do you know all there is to know about the band or are you just in it for the prettiest one (we know, tough decision)?

If you think you know everything about this boy band, you might be ready for these One Direction trivia questions and answers. From early stuff (think Up All Night) to their recent (and devastating) breakup, this One Direction trivia covers it all. So are you ready to dance all night to the best song ever? Or are you going to Drag Me Down when it comes to trivia? 

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Which song was on One Direction’s album titled “Four”?

Over Again

Once In A Lifetime

Little Black Dress

Everything About You

What is the name of the documentary that came out about One Direction in 2013?

No Direction

This Is Us

Behind The Scenes

The Inside Story

Who is the only member of One Direction that is Irish?

Louis Tomlinson

Harry Styles

Zayn Malik

Niall Horan

How many albums has One Direction released?





Which TV show did the members of One Direction audition for?

The X-Factor

The Voice

American Idol

Britain’s Got Talent

Who wrote the song “Moments” for One Direction?

Katy Perry

Taylor Swift

Harry Styles

Ed Sheeran

Which year did Zayn leave One Direction?





Which member of One Direction was the first to become a father?

Niall Horan

Zayn Malik

Louis Tomlinson

Liam Payne

Who did Zayn Malik have his first child with?

Bella Hadid

Perrie Edwards

Selena Gomez

Gigi Hadid

Which song from One Direction includes the lyrics “When I first saw you, from across the room, I could tell that you were curious”?


Rock Me

Last First Kiss


What did Louis Tomlinson do before joining One Direction?

He Was In A Band

He Was A Model

He Was An Actor

He Was A Chef

What is the name of One Direction’s fan base?

Club Rush


The Direct Ones


What was the name of One Direction’s first album together?

Up All Night

Midnight Memories


Take Me Home

Which Nickelodeon show did One Direction make an appearance on?


Big Time Rush

Sam and Cat


Which member of One Direction came up with the name for the band?

Liam Payne

Louis Tomlinson

Harry Styles

Zayn Malik

Which member of One Direction is the oldest?

Liam Payne

Niall Horan

Zayn Malik

Louis Tomlinson

Which member of One Direction dated Taylor Swift?

Zayn Malik

Liam Payne

Niall Horan

Harry Styles

On which date is One Direction day celebrated?

October 23rd

November 23rd

December 23rd

September 23rd

What was One Direction’s debut single in 2011?

What Makes You Beautiful

Up All Night

Live While We’re Young

Story Of My Life

Which actor was in One Direction’s “Steal My Girl” music video?

Leslie Jordan

Elliott Page

Simon Helberg

Danny DeVito

How many Teen Choice Awards did One Direction win in their time together?

24 Awards

32 Awards

28 Awards

20 Awards

You can do better

Not bad


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