101 Soundtrack Trivia Questions To Stump The Biggest Movie Lover

What is the best movie soundtrack? You’ll get a different answer from everyone you ask. As moviegoers, we love the acting and scenery of our favorite movies, but the music ties it all together. From the soaring theme of ‘Jurassic Park’ to the haunting ‘Lord of the Rings’ motifs, soundtracks enhance movies. 

Imagine the staircase scene in ‘Rocky’ or the bicycle scene in ‘E.T.’ without the iconic music accompanying it. Spoiler: you can’t! The music is what makes those moments great, and the composers behind it make the soundtracks. 

Whether you are a John Williams or John Barry fan, you should know the answers to these soundtrack-themed trivia questions. We will quiz you on everything from ‘Elf’ to ‘Up’, so prepare for a musical journey through your favorite movies! Prove you’ve got what it takes and show off to your friends with these soundtrack trivia questions and answers. 

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The song ‘New York New York’ is from which 1949 film?

Gone With The Wind


On The Town

King Kong

The song from which film won the 1995 Oscar for ‘Best Song’?


Don Juan Demarco

Toy Story

Dead Man Walking

The song ‘Streets Of Philadelphia’ by Bruce Springsteen is from which movie soundtrack?

Independence Day


Three Musketeers

The Outsiders

Which band released the movie soundtrack ‘Magical Mystery Tour’ in the 1960s?

The Beatles

The Doors

The Beach Boys

The Kinks

Who composed the film soundtrack to Star Wars?

John Williams

Simon and Garfunkel

Rodgers and Hammerstein

Michael Giacchino

What is the name of the Selena Gomez song which features in the soundtrack for the film ‘Monte Carlo’?

Who Am I

Who Dunnit

Who Knows

Who Says

Which band recorded the song ‘Pretty In Pink’, which features on the soundtrack to the movie of the same name?

Siouxsie & the Banshees

The Cure

The Psychedelic Furs

Echo & the Bunnymen

Who performed ‘(I’ve Had) The Time Of My Life’ with Bill Medley on the ‘Dirty Dancing’ soundtrack?

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Beal

Jennifer Warne

Jennifer Grey

Which pop diva was ‘Holding Out For A Hero’ on the soundtrack to the 1984 movie, ‘Footloose’?

Sheena Easton

Bonnie Tyler



Which Snow Patrol song featured on the soundtrack of ‘Spider-Man 3’?


Signal Fire

Chasing Cars

Open Your Eyes

You’ve Got A Friend In Me’ by Randy Newman was the soundtrack from which movie?

Top Gun

Mission Impossible 2


Toy Story

The classic movie soundtrack ‘Mrs. Robinson’ was released in which year?





Which Beyoncé track featured on the film soundtrack to ‘The Pink Panther’?

Me Myself And I’

Naughty Girls

Baby Boy

Check On It

Who sang ‘Danger Zone’ on the soundtrack to the 1980’s blockbuster ‘Top Gun’?

Don Henley

Richard Marx

Kenny Loggins

Barry White

Which of these films did Curtis Mayfield provide the soundtrack to?

Supersize Me




Girl, You’ll Be A Woman Soon’ is the lead track from which cult movie?

Reservoir Dogs

A Beautiful Mind

Sliding Doors

Pulp Fiction

Who did the music for the soundtrack for the 1989 movie ‘Batman’?

Elton John



Quincy Jones

Name the original song Beyoncé recorded for the film soundtrack to ‘Dreamgirls’?





The song ‘White Men Can’t Jump’ from the movie with the same name was released by which artist?



Snoop Dogg


The 1965 movie ‘Help’, starred which band, who also provided the soundtrack?


The Beatles

Neil Diamond

The Who

The song ‘Girl, You’ll Be A Woman Soon’ by Urge Overkill is from which movie soundtrack?

Pulp Fiction

The Bodyguard

The Shining


These were all winners of the ‘Best Song’ Oscar, but which came first?


My Heart Will Go On

The Way We Were

Theme from Shaft

Complete the name of the famous movie soundtrack composer, ‘Hans _____’.





Who composed the film soundtrack to Indiana Jones film series?

Danny Elfman

Simon and Garfunkel

Rodgers and Hammerstein

John Williams

Which song by ‘The Who’ features on the soundtrack for the TV show ‘Sons of Anarchy’?

My Generation

Who Are You?

I Can’t Explain

Slip Kid

Which band provided the majority of songs for the movie soundtrack to ‘Rushmore’?

The Kinks

White Snake

The Who

Pink Floyd

The song ‘Take My Breath Away’ by Berlin is from which movie soundtrack?

Top Gun

Dirty Dancing

Top Gun

Bad Boys II

Which 1977 movie soundtrack album is the second best selling of all time?

Saturday Night Fever

When Harry Met Sally


Star Wars

Who composed and performed the soundtrack to the movie ‘Harold and Maude’?

Cat Stevens

Sami Yusuf

Patti D’Arbanville

Linda Ronstadt

The soundtrack for the film Monte Carlo, features numerous contributions from which British singer?


Robbie Williams

Ellie Goulding


The song ‘The End Is The Beginning Is The End’ by The Smashing Pumpkins is from which movie soundtrack?

Batman & Robin

The Matrix


The Princess Bride

1990 saw Eric Clapton’s ‘Layla’ appear on which movie’s soundtrack?


The Godfather


The Firm

From which film soundtrack was the 2001 version of ‘Lady Marmalade’ taken?

Moulin Rouge

Bridget Jones’ Diary

Ocean’s Eleven

Ocean’s Twelve

Corbin Blue sings in ‘We are all in this together’ in which teen movie?


High School Musical

Hannah Montana


Which duo composed the music for ‘Oklahoma!’ and ‘Carousel’?

Rodgers and Hammerstein

Simon and Garfunkel

Sonny and Cher

Elton John and Tim Rice

Which of these songs did not feature in the soundtrack of the movie ‘Mary Poppins’?

No Way to Stop It

A Man Has Dreams

The Life I Lead

Stay Awake

The song ‘Maniac’ by Michael Sembello is from which movie soundtrack?


Top Gun

License to Kill


Which of these bands featured on the soundtrack to the movie ‘Juice’?

Cypress Hill

Wu-Tang Clan

House of Pain

Beastie Boys

Unchained Melody’ proved to be a huge hit in 1990 with the release of which film?


The Matrix

The Bodyguard

The Postman

Drake’s song ‘Moment 4 Life’ features on the soundtrack for which of these movies?

The Is The End

Pineapple Express

The Bling Ring

Spring Breakers

How many soundtrack albums were released for the movie ‘Trainspotting’?





Which iconic movie was Rodgers and Hammerstein last ever movie collaboration?

Seven Brides and Seven Brothers

Top Gun


The Sound of Music

The soundtrack to the movie ‘O Brother, Where Art Thou? featured which of these singers?

Alison Krauss

Brad Paisley

Jerry Douglas

Pat Bergeson

Which of these people did NOT perform a James Bond theme in the ’90s?

Gladys Knight


Tina Turner

Sheryl Crow

Great Balls of Fire’ by Jerry Lee Lewis appeared in which 1986 film?

Stand By Me

The Fly

Top Gun

Pretty In Pink

The Ramones song, ‘I Wanna Be Sedated’ was originally going to be the soundtrack to which 1991 movie?

Terminator II

Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves

Look Who’s Talking 3


The song ‘My Heart Will Go On’ by Celine Dion is from which movie soundtrack?

The Spy Who Shagged Me


The Breakfast Club

Dirty Dancing

Who created the soundtrack to the classic movie ‘Blade Runner’?

Hans Zimmer

Michael Kamen

John Williams


Who sang the song ‘Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman?’ for the 1995 movie ‘Don Juan DeMarco’?

Shania Twain

Ace of Base

Bon Jovi

Bryan Adams

Which band composed the music for the movie ‘The Virgin Suicides’?



Zero 7


What Bryan Adams worldwide hit was No. 1 in the UK charts for sixteen weeks and featured on the soundtrack for the film ‘Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves’?

Please Forgive Me

A Little Love

(Everything I Do) I Do It for You

All For Love

What kind of eyes did Eric Carmen sing about on the soundtrack to ‘Dirty Dancing’?

Blue Eyes

Brown Eyes

Bigger Eyes

Hungry Eyes

Which band recorded the song ‘Decode’, which featured on the ‘Twilight’ soundtrack?


Panic! at the Disco

Fall Out Boy


Which hit from the ‘Saturday Night Fever’ soundtrack starts ‘Listen to the ground’?


More Than a Woman

Stayin’ Alive

Night Fever

When You Wish Upon a Star’ is from which famous kids movie?

Mary Poppins


Happy Feet

Lion King

What duo sang ‘When You Believe’ on the soundtrack to Prince of Egypt?

Maria Carey & Tina Turner

Sonny & Cher

Mariah Carey & Whitney Houston

Tina Turner & Christina Aguilera

Whose ‘Night on Bald Mountain’ was adapted as ‘Night on Disco Mountain’ on the ‘Saturday Night Fever’ soundtrack?

Amilcare Ponchielli

Igor Stravinsky

Johann Sebastian Bach

Modest Mussorgsky

The song ‘Stuck In The Middle with You’ features on which movie?

Pulp Fiction

Reservoir Dogs

Jackie Brown

The Usual Suspects

Which movies starred Hugh Grant and Andie MacDowell?

The Outsiders

Four Weddings and a Funeral


Batman & Robin

The song ‘Safe & Sound’, by Taylor Swift, features on the soundtrack of which movie?

The Hunger Games

The Avengers


After Earth

Lady Marmalade’ was recorded for the soundtrack of which film?

Moulin Rouge!

A Beautiful Mind

American Pie

Donnie Darko

Which of these singers features on the soundtrack to the movie ‘The Big Chill’?

Al Green

Otis Redding

Stevie Wonder

Marvin Gaye

Underworld’s music track ‘Born Slippy’ is from which movie?

The Breakfast Club

Four Weddings and a Funeral


Bad Boys

Which band sang ‘Kokomo’ on the soundtrack to ‘Cocktail’?

Boyz II Men

Bryan Adams

The Beach Boys

The Backstreet Boys

The song ‘I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing’ by Aerosmith is from which movie soundtrack?

The Lion King


The Goonies


The song ‘When You Say Nothing At All’ by Ronan Keating is from which movie soundtrack?


Star Wars: Episode VI

Pretty Woman

Notting Hill

Bill Medley and who sang the hit song, ‘(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life’ from Dirty Dancing?


Olivia Newton John

Jennifer Rush

Jennifer Warnes

Which of these movies has James Horner NOT composed music for the soundtrack?




Apollo 13

Which Beyoncé hit featured on the soundtrack to ‘Austin Powers: Goldmember’?

Baby Boy

Me Myself And I’

Work It Out

Crazy In Love

A Hard Day’s Night’ is a movie soundtrack by which band?

The Kings

Guns N’ Roses

The Beatles


Name the film that won Oscars for ‘Best Song’ and ‘Best Score’ in 1989?


Field of Dreams

The Little Mermaid

Born of the 4th of July

Alice Cooper’s song ‘School’s Out’ featured in which 1993 movie?

Almost Famous

Dazed and Confused

Con Air


Who recorded the soundtrack album for the movie ‘Dead Man’?

Stephen Stills

Neil Young

Bruce Springsteen

Bob Dylan

The song ‘You Could Be Mine’ by Guns ‘n’ Roses is from which movie soundtrack?

Blade Runner

Back to the Future

Terminator II

Notting Hill

Howard Shore created the soundtrack to which 1986 film?

Stand By Me

The Fly

Terminator 3

Top Gun

Who sang ‘She’s Like The Wind’ on the soundtrack to ‘Dirty Dancing’?

Lenny Kravitz

Eric Carmen

Rick Astley

Patrick Swayze

Let It Go’ by Demi Lovato is the lead track from which animated kids movie?


Finding Nemo


Happy Feet

Christina Aguilera contributed to the soundtrack for which animated movie?

Finding Nemo


The Little Mermaid


In which movie, does Jessica Simpson’s hit record, ‘Final Heartbreak’ form part of the soundtrack?

The Tigger Movie

Rugrats In Paris

Digimon: The Movie

Happy Feet

In which 1985 movie did the Simple Minds tune, ‘Don’t You (Forget About Me)’ feature on the soundtrack?

Back To The Future

The Breakfast Club

Blade Runner

The Color Purple

Come Fly With Me’ and ‘The Look of Love’ appeared in which of these films?

The Beach

Catch Me If You Can

The Aviator


The song ‘Kiss From A Rose’ by Seal is from which movie soundtrack?

The Prince Of Egypt

Beverly Hills Cop

Batman Forever


Which Lisa Loeb song appeared on the soundtrack of ‘Reality Bites’?

Get Ur Freak On


I Turn To You

Stay (I Missed You)

Which rock band was ‘Waiting For A Girl Like You’ on the soundtrack to the film ‘Footloose’?



Bon Jovi


Which film had the first commercially issued film soundtrack?

Star Wars


Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs


The fourth biggest selling album of all time is the soundtrack to which 1992 film?

Dirty Dancing



The Bodyguard

Which band recorded the song ‘Lovefool’, which appears on the soundtrack to the movie ‘Romeo & Juliet’?


The Cardigans

The Cranberries

Sixpence None the Richer

The song ‘Axel F’ by Harold Faltermeyer is from which movie soundtrack?

Beverly Hills Cop


Lethal Weapon 3

Top Gun

Which song from the Swedish duo Roxette was used on the soundtrack to the 1990 movie ‘Pretty Woman’?

Spending My Time

Listen to Your Heart

It Must Have Been Love

The Look

Who composed much of the soundtrack to the movie ‘Sid and Nancy’?

Topper Headon

Joe Strummer

Paul Simonon

Mick Jones

The song ‘Beautiful Stranger’ by Madonna is from which movie soundtrack?

Mission Impossible 2


Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me


The song ‘When You Believe’ by Mariah Carey & Whitney Houston is from which movie soundtrack?

Full Metal Jacket

The Prince Of Egypt



The Jurassic Park’ movie was composed by whom?

Phil Spector

Hans Zimmer

John Williams

Bill Bailey

Which British singer was on the soundtrack for the film ‘Spring Breakers’?

Tinie Tempah

Rita Ora

Ellie Goulding

Calvin Harris

Which Stevie Wonder song features on the soundtrack for the TV show ‘Sons of Anarchy’?

Sir Duke



Higher Ground

Which of these Bee Gee hits was NOT on the soundtrack of ‘Saturday Night Fever’?

Stayin’ Alive


More Than a Woman

How Deep Is Your Love?

The song from which film won the 1997 Oscar for ‘Best Song’?



Con Air

Good Will Hunting

In which year was the ‘Stayin’ Alive’ film soundtrack released as an album?





In which year was the ‘Dirty Dancing’ movie soundtrack released?





The ‘Twilight’ Soundtrack debuted at what number on the Billboard 200?





Who performed ‘Hungry Heart’ on the soundtrack to the 1983 movie, ‘Risky Business’?

Neil Young

Bob Dylan

Rod Stewart

Bruce Springsteen

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