21 Texas Rangers Trivia Questions: Are You A True Lone Star Fan?

Howdy, Rangers fans! It’s time to round the bases of knowledge with our exciting Texas Rangers trivia challenge. From their start as the Washington Senators to their new era in Globe Life Field, the Texas Rangers have carved out a unique place in Major League Baseball.

Whether you’re a fan of Nolan Ryan’s legendary career, Adrian Beltre’s famous home run trot, or the more recent performances of Joey Gallo, every era of Rangers baseball is represented in this trivia challenge. Can you recall the biggest moments, the star players, and the unforgettable games?

Our Texas Rangers trivia questions and answers are the ultimate test of your fandom. Whether you’ve been a lifelong supporter or a recent convert, this quiz is the perfect way to prove your loyalty to the Lone Star’s team.

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So, grab your Texas Rangers cap, take a bite of that ballpark hotdog, and get ready to hit a home run in this ultimate Texas Rangers trivia challenge. Let’s see if you’re a true Lone Star fan!

Who pitched the first no-hitter in Texas Rangers history?

Charlie Hough

Kenny Rogers

Nolan Ryan

Jim Bibby

What position does Andrew Heaney play for the 2023 Texas Rangers?

Third Base

Left Field



Who was the higher paid by salary on the Texas Rangers in 2202?

Jon Gray

Corey Seager

Marcus Semien

Jake Odorizzi

What number did Texas retire for Nolan Ryan?





Who collected the first base hit in Texas Rangers history?

Ted Ford

Toby Harrah

Frank Howard

Hal King

In what season did Ivan Rodriguez have 35 home runs and 113 RBIs for Texas?

2015 Season

2010 Season

1999 Season

2004 Season

What was the Texas Rangers’ win-loss record for the 2022 MLB season?

73 Wins 89 Losses

62 Wins 100 Losses

101 Wins 61 Losses

68 Wins 94 Losses

Which player never pitched for the Texas Rangers?

Gaylord Perry

Jim Perry

Bert Blyleven

Sparky Lyle

Which well-known Texas Rangers player was nicknamed “El Caballo” (The Horse)?

Rafael Palmeiro

Ruben Sierra

Juan Gonzalez

Alex Rodriguez

Matt Bumgarner struck out which Texas Rangers slugger three times in game four of the 2010 MLB World Series?

Josh Hamilton

Nelson Cruz

Vladimir Guerrero

Michael Young

Which Texas Ranger was the first to lead the AL in home runs for three consecutive seasons?

Rafael Palmeiro

Alex Rodriguez

Frank Howard

Juan Gonzalez

What was the previous name of the Texas Rangers before 1972?

Houston Astros

Minnesota Twins

Washington Senators

Washington Nationals

Who was the winning pitcher for the Texas Rangers in their only win of the 2010 World Series?

Mark Lowe

Tomy Hunter

Cliff Lee

Colby Lewis

How many home runs did the Texas Rangers hit in the 2022 MLB regular season?





Which skipper led the Texas Rangers to their first 100-loss season?

Whitey Herzog

Ted Williams

Bobby Valentine

Doug Rader

How many strikeouts did Nolan Ryan rack up as a member of the Texas Rangers?





Who was the first Texas Rangers pitcher to win 25 games in a single season?

Ferguson Jenkins

Kenny Rogers

Jeff Russell

Bobby Witt

Which home run-hitting Texas Ranger won the MVP Award in 1998?

Ivan Rodriguez

Rafael Palmeiro

Nolan Ryan

Juan Gonzalez

Who pitched a perfect game against the Texas Rangers in 1984?

Mike Boddicker

Dan Quisenberry

Mike Witt

Jack Morris

Who is a catcher on the 2023 Texas Rangers team?

Jeff Brigham

Jonah Heim

Joe Barlow

Jimmy Cordero

Which Texas Ranger was MVP of the American League in 1996?

Jeff Bagwell

Ken Griffey Jr.

Juan Gonzalez

Barry Bonds

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