24 ‘A Christmas Story’ Trivia Questions To Test Your Ralphie Knowledge

A Christmas Story is one of the most recognizable Christmas-themed movies out there. The fun-loving and dysfunctional family celebrates Christmas, bunny costumes, and leg lamps in such a hilarious fashion that it will have you clutching your stomach in laughter and hoping you don’t get a tie this year! 

Laugh along with the characters as an adult version of Ralphie, the adorable, glasses-clad protagonist, recounts a Christmas story from his youth so wild it has to be seen to be believed! Who would have thought a quest for a BB gun and potential soap poisoning could be hilarious?

Bring in the holiday spirit by testing your knowledge of the classic film with our list A Christmas Story trivia questions and answers. So grab some friends and try it together. I triple-dog dare you! 

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Who was on the cover of the Look magazine that Ralphie put a Red Ryder flyer in?

Mae West

Grace Moore

Shirley Temple

Gracie Allen

Which TV show was inspired by A Christmas Story?

Growing Pains

My So-Called Life

The Wonder Years

The Goldbergs

Ralphie’s father wins a major award, what is it?

A bowling ball

An eagle wall monument

A bowling trophy

A table lamp in the shape of a woman’s leg

How many times does Ralphie mention wanting a Red Ryder BB Gun in “A Christmas Story”?

12 times

15 times

28 times

32 times

Which Christmas carol is playing in the opening scene?

Jingle Bells

Silent Night

Deck the Halls

O Holy Night

What gift does Flick give to his father for Christmas?

A new tie

A rose that sprays water

A bowling ball

A box of cigars

Which US state was A Christmas Story set in?





What are the names of Ralphie’s two friends?

James and Flynn

Flick and Schwartz

Jack and Charles

Joe and Stanley

Director Bob Clarke has a cameo appearance as who?

A neighbour


A sales assistant

A teacher

Who played Ralphie?

Keith Coogan

Sean Astin

Wil Wheaton

Peter Billingsley

Finish the quote: “Meatloaf, smeatloaf, double beetloaf. I hate ….”





What car does Ralph’s father drive?

A Riviera

A Buick

An Oldsmobile

A Pontiac

How much did A Christmas Story take in at the box office?

$12 million

$25 million

$2 million

$20 million

Before getting a flat tire, which Christmas song were Ralphie, Randy, and his mother singing?

Santa Claus is Coming to Town

Jingle Bells

Silent Night

Home for Christmas

Who wrote the book that A Christmas Story is based on?

Gretchen Berg

John Irving

Jean Shepherd

Donald Miller

What is Ralphie’s teachers name?

Miss Shields

Mrs Dill

Mr Clarke

Mr Parker

Finish the quote: “We’re all out of ….”





What does Ralphie call his A Red Ryder BB Gun in his dream?

Ol’ Blue

Ol’ Yellow


Ol’ Faithful

What does Ralphie want for Christmas?

A Red Ryder BB Gun

Johnny Speed Race Car

G.I. Joe

Punch-Me Inflatable Punching Bags

Every night the Parker family eat the same thing, what is it?

Sausages, chips and eggs

Mashed potatoes, red cabbage, and meatloaf

Macaroni and cheese

Hamburgers and chips

What is Ralphie’s father called?

The old guy


The old man


Finish the quote: “I didn’t get a … this year?”





To get his mother’s attention, Ralphie puts a flyer for the A Red Ryder BB Gun that he wants in which magazine?





In which department store does Ralph see the A Red Ryder BB Gun?





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