24 ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ Trivia Questions from Halloween Town

What is this? This Nightmare Before Christmas quiz echoes Jack’s excitement as he explores Christmas Town, but it might drive you a bit batty. Don’t be antisocial and creepy like Oogie Boogie – grab a few friends and dive into these Nightmare Before Christmas trivia questions and answers.

If you know what Sally used to escape her maker, you might stand a chance with this Nightmare Before Christmas quiz. Of course, it takes more than a few tricks and scares to prove you can rival the Pumpkin King in holiday-specific knowledge.

This is Halloween, and there’s only one Zero in this tale!  Whether you watch the film for Halloween, Christmas, or both, only a true fan can conquer these Nightmare Before Christmas quiz questions. There’s plenty of magic, mystery, and intrigue to test your knowledge before Santy Claus arrives.

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What is Jack Skellington?

King of Pumpkin Town

Mayor of Pumpkin Town

King of Halloween Town

King of the pumpkins

What is Jack Skellington’s dog’s name?





Who Directed Nightmare Before Christmas?

Henry Selick

Tim Burton

Chris Butler

Caroline Thompson

At the beginning of the movie, what displays on the door that the camera take you through?

A heart

A pumpkin

A turkey

A Christmas tree

Which song plays after entering Halloween Town for the first time?

Town Meeting Song

Poor Jack

Jack’s Obsession

The Halloween Song

Who Created Nightmare Before Christmas?

Henry Selick

Tim Burton

Chris Butler

Caroline Thompson

What type of nose does Zero have?





Complete the lyrics from the song, This is Halloween: Harlequin Demon, …, and Melting Man, Scream! This is Halloween





What does Oogie Boogie call Sally?

Pumpkin pie

Rag doll


Doll face

Which flower did Sally slip the doctor to briefly escape and explore Halloween Town?

Deadly Nightshade

Black Rose

Ghost Orchid

Witch Hazel

What is the name of the doctor who created Sally?

Dr. Jekyll

Dr. Helsing

Dr. Finkelstein

Dr. Hide

Which holiday icon did the trick-or-treaters first bring back to Halloween Town?

The Easter Bunny

Santa Claus

The Thanksgiving Turkey

The Valentine’s Heart

After creating Sally, Dr. Finkelstein makes a second creation. What does he give this creation?

One of his eyes

Half of his brain

His heart

A rib

In the movie there are seven holiday doors, displayed on each door is: a pumpkin, a christmas tree, a coloured egg, a four leafed-clover, a turkey, a red heart and what else?

A white and blue firework

A skeleton

A dragon

A clenched fist

How many years did it take to create the film?

Less than 1 year

2 years

3 years

More than 4 years

Which bone from his own body does Jack take out to play with his dog?

One of his ribs

A finger

A leg bone

His jaw

What is the name of Jack Skellington’s Nemisis?




Oogie Boogie

What year was Nightmare Before Christmas released?





What are the names of Oogie Boogie’s henchmen?

Larry, Curly and M

Tom and Jerry

Lock, Shock and Barrel

One, two and three

Complete this line by Dr. Finkelstein, “Nothing’s more suspicious than…!”




frog’s breath

What clothes does Jack Skellington wear?


A cloak


A tuxedo

What were the original three characters in Tim Burton’s poem?

Jack, Zero and Santa

Jack, Santa and Oogie Boogie

Jack, Santa and Sally

Jack, Sally and Dr. Finkelstein

Complete this line by Jack Skellington, “Christmas time is buzzing in….”

Halloween Town

in my bones

in my skull


What is Sally?

A skeleton

A doll

A rag doll

A barbie

You can do better

Not bad


Short description

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