24 Jingle All the Way Trivia Questions That Are Harder Than Finding A Turbo Man Doll

Strong man Arnold Schwarzenegger stars in this Christmas-themed comedy in a race against time to try and find a popular toy for his son. He faces some pretty stiff competition, and faces many mishaps along the way! Take this Jingle All The Way quiz to see if you are a true fan or just a seasonal watcher.

Try this quiz to see if you are a true fan of the film or if you need a refresher this holiday season. With these Jingle All the Way trivia questions and answers, you can brush up on your knowledge before your next get-together! 

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How much does Howard pay for a counterfeit Turbo Man?





What was Turbo Man’s original name?

Turbo Guy

Turbo Buzz

Turbo Tom

Turbo Bill

Who plays Howard’s wife?

Catherine O’Hara

Mary Steenburgen

Wanda Sykes

Rita Wilson

Turbo Man’s red suit is modelled after which action hero?


The Flash


Iron Man

Who plays the leader of a large counterfeit toy-making operation?

James Belushi

Dan Aykroyd

Bill Murray

Michael Keaton

Complete the quote: “I gotta tell you, Santa, there’s something about this place that doesn’t seem quite…”




On the straight and narrow

What is the name of Turbo Man’s archnemesis?


Emperor Zurg


Green Goblin

What do thieves spray paint on Howard’s windshield?

Meri Xmas

Have a jolly Xmas

Merry Christmas

Happy Xmas

What character does Sinbad play in the movie?

Howard Langston

Myron Larabee

Ted Martin

Douglas Fairbanks

In “Jingle All the Way,” what was Jamie worried about his father missing?

His school play

His birthday party

His soccer game

His karate class

What does Howard say after finishing a phone call with his customers?

You’re my number one customer!

Always happy to help!

Thank you for your business!

Looking forward to our next deal!

Who offers to step in and help Howard snag a Turbo Man doll?

Neighbor Ted

Co-worker Frank

Mall Santa

Brother-in-law Bob

What is Howard’s son’s name?

Howard Jr.




Complete the next line: Howard Langston: “Dollars?” Mall Santa: “No, …”


Candy canes

Chocolate kisses


What type of animal does Howard encounter in his neighbour’s frontyard?

A dog

A goat

A reindeer

A coyote

What is the name of Turbo Man’s loyal sidekick?





What is one of the five phrases Turbo Man says?

It’s turbo time

To infinity and beyond

I am the fastest man alive

Reach for the sky

Myron is resentful towards his father because he never received which toy for Christmas?

Red Ryder BB Gun

MyPopGun Duck Hunting Rifle

Johnny Seven O.M.A.

The Eliminator TS-7

What is the name of the toy that everyone is after?

G.I Joe

BB Gun

Buzz Lightyear Action Figure

Turbo Man Action Figure

What state does the movie take place in?



North Dakota

South Dakota

Complete the password: “Jingle Bells, ….”

Jingle all the way

Batman smells

Jingle Bells

Santa’s here

Howard tried to steal a gift from his neighbour, who was the gift addressed to?





What is Myron’s occupation?

Factory worker


Taxi driver

Postal worker

What does Howard dress as to avoid arrest at the warehouse?

An undercover officer

Turbo Man


An elf

You can do better

Not bad


Short description

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