21 Los Angeles Angels Trivia Questions: Are You Ready To Step Up To The Plate?

From their establishment in 1961 to their name changes, and from their iconic players to their thrilling victories, the Los Angeles Angels have a history as vibrant as their team colors. Based in Anaheim, California, this Major League Baseball team has given us moments of drama, jubilation, and sometimes, heartbreak – all the ingredients that make a baseball fan’s life exhilarating.

Our LA Angels trivia questions and answers challenge your knowledge about this esteemed team. Can you remember the details of the Angels’ 2002 World Series win? Or how about the names of some of their most famous players like Mike Trout or Rod Carew? This Angels trivia quiz will put your knowledge to the test, regardless if you’re a seasoned fan or a curious newcomer to the game.

So, grab your cap and mitt, and get ready to step up to the plate. Let’s see if you can hit a home run with this Los Angeles Angels quiz!

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What was the Los Angeles Angels win-loss record for the 2022 MLB season?

50 Wins 112 Losses

100 Wins 62 Losses

81 Wins 81 Losses

73 Wins 89 Losses

Who was the first Anaheim Angel to win an MLB batting title?

Mike Napoli

Alex Johnson

Luis Tiant

Barry Wesson

Who is a three-time American League Most Valuable Player?

Shohei Ohtani

Jake Lamb

Mike Trout

Chris Okey

Who is a first base coach for the 2023 Los Angeles Angels?

Damon Mashore

A.J. Hinch

Mike Dunlap

David Ross

What California Angels player was MVP of the American League in 1979?

Thurman Munson

Rollie Fingers

Dale Murphy

Don Baylor

In which year did the Anaheim Angels win their first MLB championship?





Which Anaheim Angel was named MLB’s Comeback Player of The Year in 1990?

Jim Fregosi

Dave Winfield

Rod Carew

Don Sutton

For how many years did Gene Autry own the Anaheim Angels?





How many home runs did the Los Angeles Angels hit in the 2022 MLB regular season?





How many games did Jered Weaver win during his rookie year before his first loss?





What position does Griffin Canning play for the 2023 Los Angeles Angels?


Left Field

First Base


Who was selected by the Angels in the first round of the 2021 MLB draft?

Tucker Davidson

Luis Rengifo

Sam Bachman

Reid Detmers

Who is a catcher on the 2023 Los Angeles Angels team?

Tyler Alexander

Matt Thaiss

Christian Bethancourt

Tucker Davidson

What job did Trevor Hoffman’s dad have with the Anaheim Angels?

Singing Usher


Team Mascot

Dancing Valet

Which Anaheim Angel was the first to strike out the side in only nine pitches?

Nolan Ryan

Reggie Jackson

Frank Robinson

John Lackey

Which Anaheim Angel pitcher set a league record with 383 strikeouts in a season?

Reggie Jackson

Don Sutton

Jim Fregosi

Nolan Ryan

How many batting titles did Rod Carew win with the California Angels?





Against whom did Rod Carew collect his 3,000th hit?

Dave Stieb

Rich Bordi

Frank Viola

Jimmy Key

In 2002, who was the first Los Angeles Angel to post 100 RBIs in 3 straight seasons?

Bartolo Colon

Reggie Willits

Garret Anderson

Vladimir Guerrero

What does Matt Wise do for the 2023 Los Angeles Angels?

Bullpen Coach


Pitching Coach


What year was Garret Anderson named to the Angles Hall Of Fame?





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