21 Oakland Athletics Trivia Questions: Can You A’s This Quiz?

Whether you know them as the Oakland Athletics, the A’s, or the White Elephants, this legendary baseball team has undoubtedly made a significant impact on Major League Baseball’s history. From their origin in Philadelphia to their current home in Oakland, the Athletics’ story is steeped in triumphs, trials, and some truly exceptional players.

These Oakland Athletics trivia questions and answers will challenge your knowledge of the team’s history, roster, and memorable moments. Can you remember the names of the iconic players that led the team to their many World Series victories? Or, do you know the unconventional methods Billy Beane employed that revolutionized the team’s player recruitment?

Ready to step up to the plate and take a swing? This Oakland Athletics quiz is your chance to prove just how deep your loyalty runs. And who knows, you might even learn a new fact or two to impress your fellow A’s fans.

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What place did the 2022 Oakland A’s finish in their division?





Which Oakland A’s infielder had an unassisted triple play in 2000?

Randy Velarde

Eric Chavez

Miguel Tejada

Jason Giambi

Which player for the Oakland A’s was MVP of the American League in 1992?

Dennis Eckersley

Frank Thomas

Kevin Mitchell

Mo Vaughn

How many home runs did the Oakland Athletics team have in the 2022 MLB regular season?





What was the Oakland Athletics’ win-loss record for the 2022 MLB season?

50 Wins 112 Losses

60 Wins 102 Losses

74 Wins 88 Losses

111 Wins 51 Losses

Which Oakland A’s pitcher won the Cy Young Award in 2002 when he went 23-5?

Barry Zito

Mark Mulder

Gil Heredia

Tim Hudson

Which baseball player for the Oakland A’s won the 1990 MVP Award?

Frank Thomas

Rickey Henderson

Robin Yount

Kirk Gibson

Who led the 2022 Oakland A’s in home runs for the season?

Ramon Laureano

Sean Murphy

Seth Brown

Elvis Andrus

Which player for the Oakland A’s was MVP of the American League in 1988?

Rickey Henderson

Andre Dawson

Jose Canseco

Kevin Mitchell

Who is a first base coach for the 2023 Oakland Athletics?

Tony Dobbins

Skip Schumaker

Bill Dickey

Mike Aldrete

Which Oakland A’s manager told a pitcher to hit with a toy bat to protest a DH rule?

Alvin Dark

Dick Williams

Billy Martin

Tony La Russa

Which member of the Oakland Athletics hit 4 home runs in the 1972 MLB World Series?

Dick Green

Joe Rudi

Gene Tenace

Bert Campaneros

Who is a catcher on the 2023 Oakland Athletics team?

Nick Anderson

Cody Bolton

Carlos Perez

Taylor Clarke

Off which Oakland A’s pitcher did Kirk Gibson hit his dramatic home run in the 1988 World Series?

Rick Honeycutt

Dennis Eckersley

Bob Welch

Dave Stewart

Which team were the Oakland Athletics playing the year the earthquake halted the World Series?

San Francisco Giants

Chicago Cubs

Los Angeles Dodgers

Cincinnati Reds

What does Scott Emerson do for the 2023 Oakland Athletics?

Pitching Coach


Strength & Conditioning Coach

Third Base Coach

What position does Luis Medina play for the 2023 Oakland Athletics?

Third Base


Right Field


What color were the bases in the Oakland A’s home opener in 1970?


Black And White Checkerboard



Which Oakland A’s pitcher led the American League in wins in 2001?

Tim Hudson

Tom Candiotti

Mark Mulder

Dave Stewart

How many wins did the 2021 Oakland Athletics have?





Which Oakland A’s Hall of Famer died at age 53 of Lou Gehrig’s disease?

Dick Williams

Vida Blue

Catfish Hunter

Joe Rudi

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