Which of these seasons did Joel Embiid have more 3-pointers made?





Why was a February 2022 game between the 76ers and Mavericks delayed 44 minutes midway through the first quarter?

Leaky Roof

Crooked Rim

Fan Emergency

Ran Out Of Balls

Who did the Philadelphia 76ers pick in the 2021 NBA Draft?

Jaden McDaniels

Trent Forrest

Nate Darling

Jaden Springer

Who led the Philadelphia 76ers in points per game in the NBA 2022-23 regular season?

Tyrese Maxey

Joel Embiid

Tobias Harris

James Harden

Which of these head coaches led the 2012 Philadelphia 76ers?

Byron Scott

Alvin Gentry

Doug Collins

Tyrone Corbin

Which of these is a famous Moses Malone quote from the 1983 Philadelphia 76ers playoff run?

I Think I Can

Just Do It

Fo, Fo, Fo

Beat L.A.

Who did the Philadelphia 76ers pick in the 2022 NBA Draft?

David Roddy

Kevin Huerter

James Wiseman

Jerome Robinson

What sport did Joel Embiid originally plan to play in Europe?





How many games did the Philadelphia 76ers win in the NBA 2022-23 regular season?

38 Games

33 Games

54 Games

40 Games

NBA basketball star Joel Embiid was born in which country?

South Africa




Who eliminated the Sixers from the 2023 Playoffs?

Golden State Warriors

Miami Heat

Chicago Bulls

Boston Celtics

Which Philadelphia 76er was the 6th leading scorer in the NBA during the 1989-90 season?

Dan Issel

Gary Payton

Julius Erving

Charles Barkley

Who scored the most points for the 76ers in the 2022 Eastern Conference Semifinals?

Joel Embiid

James Harden

Tyrese Maxey

Tobias Harris

In 1976, the Philadelphia 76ers purchased the contract of which superstar from his ABA team?

Moses Malone

Billy Cunningham

Julius Erving

Hal Greer

How many points per game did Joel Embiid average for the 2022-23 season?

24.1 PPG

33.1 PPG

27.1 PPG

23.1 PPG

Who was on the same college team as Joel Embiid?

Eric Bledsoe

Blake Griffin

Lou Williams

Andrew Wiggins

What Sixer from the 2022-23 roster has been in the NBA the longest?

Tobias Harris

Montrezl Harrell

James Harden

Joel Embiid

Who is the mascot for the Philadelphia 76ers?




Knight Rider

Philadelphia 76ers coach Jack Ramsay traded which player upon his arrival in 1968?

Billy Cunningham

Wilt Chamberlain

Dolph Schayes

Moses Malone

In what season did the Philadelphia 76ers win their first NBA championship?





What Philadelphia 76er missed 10 games of the 1999-00 season due to a thumb injury?

Eric Snow

Allen Iverson

Aaron McKie

Larry Hughes

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