21 Arizona Cardinals Trivia Questions: Are You Game Enough For This Challenge?

From Chicago to St. Louis to the sun-drenched vistas of Arizona, the Cardinals have a rich and storied history in the National Football League. Founded in 1898, the Arizona Cardinals, originally the Chicago Cardinals, have weathered the storms and basked in the glory of the ever-changing NFL landscape. With their vibrant red color, they’ve made an indelible mark in the hearts of their loyal fanbase and the annals of American football.

This collection of ‘Arizona Cardinals’ trivia questions and answers will challenge even the most seasoned fans. Do you remember the thrill of the 2008 season when the Cardinals made it to the Super Bowl? Or the impressive records set by players like Larry Fitzgerald and Pat Tillman? This Cardinals trivia quiz will put your team loyalty and knowledge to the ultimate test.

So, put on your jersey, heat up some nachos, and let’s see if you can score a touchdown with this Arizona Cardinals quiz.

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What uniform did the Arizona Cardinals retire for NFL great Marshall Goldberg?





How many games did the Arizona Cardinals lose in the 2022 NFL season?





What was the original name of the Arizona Cardinals franchise?

Chicago Cardinals

Morgan Athletic Club

South Side Fighting Irish


Who led the 2022 Arizona Cardinals in receiving touchdowns?

Marquise Brown

Trey McBride

Zach Ertz

Greg Dortch

Who set an Arizona Cardinal single-season record with 4,671 yards passing in 2015?

Doug Russell

Kurt Warner

Carson Palmer

Jim Hart

In 2009, the Cardinals reached Super Bowl XLIII. Who did they lose to?





Who did the Arizona Cardinals release in May of 2023?

Isaiah Coulter

DeAndre Hopkins

Chris Banjo

Zach Ertz

Who wore the #6 uniform for the 2022 Arizona Cardinals?

Trace McSorley

Greg Dortch

James Conner

Marquise Brown

Who holds the Arizona Cardinals’ single-season record for rushing yards?

Edgerrin James

Tim Hightower

David Johnson

Ottis Anderson

Who did the Arizona Cardinals pick in the first round of the 2018 NFL Draft?

James Daniels

Josh Rosen

Royce Freeman

Will Dissly

How many games did the Arizona Cardinals win in the 2021 regular NFL season?





Who was hired by the Arizona Cardinals as their head coach on February 14, 2023?

Jonathan Gannon

Buddy Morris

Kenny Bell

Brandon Schwab

Who scored 44 points against the Arizona Cardinals in the first regular season game of 2022?

Kansas City Chiefs

New Orleans Saints

Atlanta Falcons

Baltimore Ravens

Who is the owner and Chairman of the 2023 Arizona Cardinals?

Michael Bidwill

Monti Ossenfort

Chris O’Brien

Lenny LaRocca

Paris Johnson Jr. was the Cardinals’ first selection in the 2023 NFL Draft. What school did he play for?

Ohio State




How many yards per carry did Emmitt Smith average in 2003, his first year with the Cardinals?





What Arizona Cardinal won the Offensive Rookie of the Year in 2003?

Anquan Boldin

Jake Plummer

Emmitt Smith

David Boston

What position does Budda Baker play for the Arizona Cardinals?





How many games did Colt McCoy start for the 2022 Arizona Cardinals?





What team did Corey Clement play for just before joining the Cardinals?

Baltimore Ravens

Chicago Bears

NY Jets

Miami Dolphins

What is Israel Woolfork’s job on the 2023 Cardinals team?

Assistant General Manager

Director of College Scouting

Quarterbacks Coach

Offensive Coordinator

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