That 70’s Show

21 ‘That 70’s Show’ Trivia Questions That Will Prove You’re No Dumba**!

No other sitcom could capture the attention of such a wide audience as That 70’s Show. It hit home for many kids growing up in the 90s because it mirrored the things they were experiencing but showed comedy in everyday life. Adults loved it because of the nostalgia they experienced from watching it. The witty humor, memorable characters, and crazy situations made it a show that went down in history as a cultural milestone.

Set against the backdrop of the 1970s in Point Place, Wisconsin, That 70’s Show tells the story of Eric Foreman, who lives with his parents, Red and Kitty. His solace is that he can escape to his basement to hang out with his friends and partake in some questionable substances. Once you fall in love with the show, you can challenge your friends to these ultimate That 70’s Show trivia questions and answers.

Gather your friends in the basement, crack open a beer, and light a…candle. Get ready to crown someone the greatest That 70’s Show expert ever. When you’re done with ‘That 70s Show’ trivia, keep the game going with other great sitcoms like Seinfeld, Friends, and How I Met Your Mother.

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