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21 ‘Golden Girls’ Trivia Questions That Will Make You Remember St. Olaf

The Golden Girls debuted in the 80s, and has since become a classic sitcom that many people enjoy revisiting often. Set in sunny Miami, Florida, this show follows the stories of four retirement-aged women who share a home. Rose, Blanche, Dorothy, and her mother Sophia look at life from the point of view of people who have seen it all, lived it all, and are here to tell the story.

These Golden Girls trivia questions and answers are here to test your knowledge of one of the most memorable shows ever. What was the name of Rose’s hometown? What was the name of Sophia’s nursing home that burned down? Who did Dorothy marry at the end of the series? If you know any of those answers, you could be a Golden Girls expert. 

This Golden Girls trivia is worth hours of entertainment based on the memorable and hilarious TV show. Get your friends together, slice into a cheesecake, and find out who the expert is. When you’re done, try more sitcom games with our trivia questions about The Office, Seinfeld quiz, How I Met Your Mother questions, and our seniors quiz. Good Luck!

When Rose made a smelly dessert in “The Golden Girls”, what did the girls have to do to eat it?

Dip It In Whipped Cream

Cover Their Ears

Cough Before Swallowing

Hold Their Noses

What was Sophia’s hair color when she was younger?





Who sang at Sophia and Max Weinstock’s wedding on “The Golden Girls”?

Max Himself

Elvis Impersonators

Frank Sinatra


What street do the girls of “The Golden Girls” live on?

Elwood Drive


12th Street

Elm Street

Who is the guy that Rose of “The Golden Girls” went on the cruise ship with?



Arnie Peterson


What was carved on the girl’s front door”?

Exclamation Point

Sophia’s Initials

Blanche Was Here


On “The Golden Girls”, how many years were Dorothy and Stanley married?

38 Years

35 Years

27 Years

29 Years

Where did Blanche work?

She Does Not Work

The Museum

The Grief Center

In A Department Store

What type of business did Sophia open on the boardwalk?

Novelty Shop

Ice Cream Parlor

Senior Citizen’s Center

Pizza Parlor

How does Sophia always refer to Dorothy’s brother on TV’s “The Golden Girls”?

Your Brother Phil



That Boy

What is the name of Blanche’s granddaughter on “The Golden Girls”?





Who on “The Golden Girls” wanted to have their head frozen upon death?

Dorothy Zbornak

Stanley Zbornak

Mel Bushman

Rose Nyland

When the girls are flying to Rose’s aunt’s funeral on “The Golden Girls”, who is the captain of the plane?

Captain Kirk

Captain Morgan

Captain Harry

Captain Lord

What was the name of the elitist club Barbara Thorndike belonged to?

Daughters Of The South

The Miami Women’s Auxiliary Club

The Miami Literary Society

The Mortimer Club

Why couldn’t Rose fall asleep for four days?

Blanche Was Keeping Her Up

She Was Drinking Caffeine Loaded Tea

She Was Addicted To Painkillers

She Stayed Up With Sophia

Whose concert tickets did the girls get arrested for scalping on “The Golden Girls”?

Cab Calloway

Pat Boone

Frank Sinatra

Dean Martin

Who sang the theme song to “The Golden Girls”?

Jennifer Warren

Stevie Nicks


Cynthia Fee

What is the name of Sophia’s brother?





What happened when Stan took Sophia and Dorothy to a baseball game on “The Golden Girls”?

Stan Spilled A Large Pop All Over Them

Sophia Was Hit On The Head With A Baseball

Stan Asked Dorothy To Marry Him Again

Dorothy Met Another Man And Got His Phone Number

On “The Golden Girls”, what is the name of Rose’s old dog from when she was a child?





Who once played an Elvis impersonator on “The Golden Girls”?

George Clooney

Quentin Tarantino

Woody Harrelson

Tim Allen

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