21 ‘Full House’ Trivia Questions That Will Get You In Big Trouble, Mister

Full House captivated audiences in the late 80s and early 90s. This wholesome show about a widower and his two best friends raising his three daughters in San Francisco became a sensation. From the first time we heard Stephanie say, “How rude,” and Michelle quip, “You got it, dude,” we were hooked.

These ‘Full House’ trivia questions and answers can stump even die-hard fans who still watch the reruns on cable. You already know better than to mess with Uncle Jesse’s hair (Cut. It. Out.) or to make a mess in Danny’s kitchen, and you declare “Oh, Mylanta” anytime something remarkable happens. Now it’s time to test this knowledge with these questions in this ‘Full House’ quiz meant for the biggest fans. 

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What song do The Beach Boys sing in the Tanner living room with the Tanners?

Help Me Rhonda

Good Vibrations

Barbara Ann


What is the first line of the original “Full House” theme song?

Whatever Happened To Predictability

Here’s The Story

Everywhere You Look

Tell Me Why I Love You

On “Full House”, what was the name of Joey’s woodchuck puppet?

Mr. Woodchuck




On “Full House”, what kind of animal did Kimmy have in her backyard that drove Jesse nuts?





What television show on “Full House” is hosted by Danny and Rebecca?

Today Show With Danny And Rebecca

Good Morning San Francisco

Wake Up San Diego

Wake Up San Francisco

On “Full House”, what is Joey’s opponent’s name on Star Search?

Steve Oedekerk

Mike Balanski

Bryce Johnson

James Stanton

Who was the Greek relative of Jesse’s that DJ married?

Sylvio Banalakis

Sylvio Bakanalis

Sylvian Banalakis

Sylvian Bakanalis

What did Danny discover about Stephanie’s dance teacher after their first date?

She Was A Man

She Lived With Her Mother

She Had A Boyfriend

She Was A Slob

Who does Joey play in his first TV role?

Mr. Egghead

Wayne Newton

Ranger Joe

Professor Quack

Why does Stephanie mess up at her dance recital?

She Didn’t Want To Be A Dancer Anymore

She Didn’t Want To Go To Dance Camp

She Forgot The Steps

She Wanted Attention

Which character of “The Flintstones” was Jessie when Becky was in labor?

Bam Bam




What girl had a broken arm during an episode?

Michelle (Olsen Twins)

D.J. (Candace Cameron)

Kimmy (Andrea Barber)

Stephanie (Jodie Sweetin)

What is the profession of Kimmy’s Brother?

Ear Piercer


Tattoo Artist


Who was the flower girl at Jesse’s and Becky’s wedding?



Becky’s Niece


What was Kimmy’s boyfriend’s name?





On “Full House”, what club does Jesse’s band play at?

The Hots Club

The Hits Club

The Slam Club

The Smash Club

What is Jesse’s favorite quote?

Have Mercy

Shut Up

Leave Me Alone

Get Out Of Here

How much did Rebecca pay for a date with Jesse at the charity auction on “Full House”?





On “Full House”, what song did the guys sing when they had chicken pox?

Boogie Fever

Chain Gang

A Spoonful Of Sugar

The Witchdoctor

On “Full House”, what was DJ’s full name?

Donna Jean Tanner

Donnie Joe Tanner

Donna Jo Tanner

Darlene Judith Tanner

On “Full House”, who is in the picture in the Tanners’ living room next to the couch?

D.J. And Stephanie

D.J., Stephanie And Michelle

The Whole Family


What color was the Tanners’ house?

Purple With White Stripes




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