21 ‘Sex and the City’ Trivia Questions To Go With Your Cosmopolitan

Sex and the City was ground-breaking television when it premiered in 1998, and its popularity hasn’t waned over the years. If you love the iconic foursome, there’s no better way to test your knowledge than with this Sex and the City quiz. 

After all, everyone needs friends like Carrie’s–not only Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda but also Stanford and her other loyal pals. They stuck together through breakups, marriages, children, and all of life’s other ups and downs.

Carrie Bradshaw disarmed audiences with her flawed vulnerability and beautifully thoughtful lines about love. Whether you were Team Aiden or Team Big, you were always Team Carrie, along with her one true love–New York City. From the dazzling shoes and fashion to the drop-dead gorgeous dates, these Sex and the City trivia questions and answers cover it all. 

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How many original HBO episodes of “Sex and The City” were created?

Eighty Eight

Ninety Four

One Hundred

One Hundred Fifty

Who was Charlotte York’s first husband in “Sex and the City”?

Jack Berger

Trey MacDougal

Ron Galotti

Aidan Shaw

In the TV series “Sex and the City”, what character is played by David Eigenberg?

Herbert Wexley

Aidan Shaw

Trey MacDougal

Steve Brady

What was the “Sex and the City” character Samantha diagnosed with on the show?




Breast Cancer

In “Sex and the City”, who was Miranda’s son’s babysitter?

Maria Diega Reyes




What is the “Sex And The City” series reboot titled?

Once Again

Try For More

And Just Like That…

The Girls Are Back

Who played Miranda’s husband in “Sex and The City”?

John Corbett

Jason Lewis

Sean Palmer

David Eigenberg

Which character did Kristin Davis play on “Sex and The City”?





In season 3 of “Sex and the City”, Carrie has a fling with a character played by Vince Vaughn. Whose Hollywood agent does he pretend to be?

Meryl Streep

Matt Damon

Jennifer Lopez

Ben Affleck

In the “Sex and the City” 2021 reboot, who is the real estate broker who becomes friends with Carrie?

Lisa Todd Wexley

Bitsy von Muffling

Seema Patel

Nya Wallace

Which one of the girls in “Sex and the City” smoked?

Samantha Jones

Miranda Hobbes

Carrie Bradshaw

Charlotte York Goldenblatt

In “Sex and the City”, what is Big’s full name?

John James Preston

John James Presley

Wesley Johnson

James Jack Jones

Who played Seth, the therapy patient in the second season of “Sex and the City”?

Matt Damon

Jon Bon Jovi

Harry Styles

Howie Mandel

Who was Carrie’s publisher at Vogue magazine on the TV series “Sex and The City”?

Maria Diega Reyes

Bunny MacDougal

Stanford Blatch

Enid Mead – Frick

Who played an unnamed shoe salesman on the 6th season of “Sex and the City”?

George Clooney

Howard Stern

Anderson Cooper

Andy Cohen

Who hires Harry Goldenblatt as her divorce attorney in “Sex and the City”?





In season 6 of “Sex and the City”, why did Big return to New York?

Visit A Sick Friend

To Run For Mayor

A New Job


Which of the girls on “Sex and The City” posed nude for a famous painter?





In the TV series “Sex and the City”, what was the name of Charlotte’s Cavalier King Charles Spaniel pet dog?

Sophia Loren


Elizabeth Taylor

Bo Derek

What actor played Carrie’s high school ex-boyfriend who lives in Connecticut in “Sex and the City”?

Nathan Lane

Chris Rock

Matthew McConaughey

David Duchovny

What was Mikhail Baryshnikov’s character in “Sex and the City”?

Aleksandr Petrovsky

Trey MacDougal

Ivan Kolloff

Aleksandr Naginsky

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