21 ‘Seinfeld’ Trivia Questions That Will Make You Master of Your Domain

TV Guide once declared Seinfeld the best TV show of all time. It won over audiences throughout the 90s with its quirky sense of humor and memorable characters. It was a show that wasn’t afraid to make jokes out of things that TV had been afraid to talk about in the past and ushered in a new era for sitcoms.

If you know anything about Fusilli Jerry, the close talker, the puffy shirt, or how George’s fiancé died, then you’re a Seinfeld fan. You could challenge your friends to a contest to find out which one is the master of their domain, and which one is a Newman. From famous quotes to plotlines and characters, every moment of the show is up for grabs.

Gather around, pour a tall glass of Bosco, open a box of Junior Mints, and get ready to relive some of the funniest moments in TV history. You could be crowned the king of Seinfeld trivia questions and answers…not that there’s anything wrong with that. 

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In an episode of “Seinfeld”, with whom does Kramer start a make-your-own pizza pie business?


Frank Costanza


Morty Seinfeld

What country is Babu from?


South Africa



In the “Master of Your Domain” episode of “Seinfeld”, why was George’s mother in the hospital?

She Got In A Car Accident While Moving Cars For Money

She Hurt Her Back While Having Sex In A Van In The Park

She Caught George Masturbating And Fell

She Fell Down In The Shower

On “Seinfeld”, who does Peterman base his autobiography on?


John F. Kennedy



During a “Seinfeld” episode, George speaks to which of the following celebrities backstage at NBC studios?

Candice Bergen

Corbin Bernsen

Ted Danson

Jon Voight

What was the kid’s name who copied Jerry and kept on cursing to his mother’s dismay?





What was the name of Jerry’s date who had man hands?





Where did Jerry and George go to High School?

John F. Kennedy High School

J.H. Mallard High School

Ridgeview High School

Lyndon B. Johnson High School

What did George do in the health club to jeopardize his membership?

Urinated In The Shower

Made Obscene Gestures To The Locker Room Attendant

Had Sex With Coat Check Girl

Opened Someone Else’s Locker

Who roughs up Kramer and Elaine after the Tony Awards?

John Dressman

Barbra Streisand

Celine Dion

Raquel Welch

What does Tim Whatley re-gift?

Picture Frame

Pasta Maker

Super Bowl Tickets

Label Maker

What falls out of Jerry’s window?

An Air Conditioner

A Television

His Jacket

A Stereo

Who started the phrase Yada, Yada, Yada?




David Putty

What caused Elaine to lose “the contest”?

John Kennedy, Jr. Exercising

Jerry Telling A Dirty Story

Crazy Joe Davola’s Shirt

An Erotic Movie

Where does Jerry take Bania for dinner during a “Seinfeld” episode?


Schnitzer’s Cafe


Chinese Pagoda

Who is Elaine’s father?





What did George eat out of the garbage at his girlfriend’s mother’s house?



Cream Puff

Bear Claw

What are George’s parents’ names?

Frank And Estelle

Frank And Ethel

Morty And Helen

Fred And Estelle

What was the only thing to survive when Kramer burned down the cabin in a TV episode of “Seinfeld”?

JFK’s Golf Clubs

A Box Of Gay Love Letters

A Box Of Cuban Cigars

A Box Full Of Pictures Belonging To Susan’s Father

What does FDR stand for in Kramer’s friends’ name?

Franklin Delano Rosenstein

Franklin Delano Romanowski

Frank David Roosevelt

Frank David Roodvoets

Who is Sue Ellen Mishke, the character on TV’s “Seinfeld” show?

Kramer’s Low-talking Girlfriend

The Virgin

The Braless Hussy

George’s Fiancee

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