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21 Black Friday Trivia Questions To Shop ‘Til You Drop

Ah, Black Friday! The day after Thanksgiving when the masses are lured into stores (and online) with the promise of once-a-year deals and doorbusters. But this shopping holiday is more than just carts, queues, and quick clicks. From its historical origins to record-breaking sales stats, Black Friday has some intriguing stories tucked away amid its crowded aisles. Have you ever wondered why it’s called “Black Friday” or which products typically see the biggest discounts?

This set of Black Friday trivia questions and answers is designed to take you on a whirlwind tour of the shopping frenzy phenomenon. Whether you’re an avid deal hunter or someone who prefers to stay far away from the chaos, these trivia tidbits are sure to surprise and enlighten you. So before you don your shopping shoes and brave the hustle and bustle, take a moment to test your Black Friday IQ. Will you bag a trivia bargain or get left in the clearance section?

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An employee at what store was trampled to death on Black Friday at Green Acres Mall in 2008?


Nike Outlet Store



According to Roto-Rooter, the day after Thanksgiving is the year’s busiest day for who?





Which of these films take place during Black Friday?

Confessions of a Shopaholic

Paul Blart: Mall Cop

Empire Records

40 Year-Old Virgin

Which group spent the most online on Black Friday 2021?

Generation Z


Generation X


Where does the horror classic “Dawn of the Dead” take place?

Shopping Mall


General Store

5th Avenue Shops

What day in November is Black Friday in 2023?





What was the most searched product for Black Friday worldwide in November 2021?

Nintendo Switch

Air Jordan Shoes

iPhone 12


What type of “shopping” takes place in the film “Breakfast At Tiffany’s”?


Window Shopping


Bargain Hunting

In 2011, what did a woman from California do to score a Black Friday deal on an Xbox?

Punch The Clerk

Pepper Spray Crowd

Pull Fire Alarm

Drive Car Through Front Door

A new US Black Friday online spending record was set in 2022. How much was spent?

$9.12 Billion

$21.12 Billion

$121.12 Billion

$1.12 Billion

Which retailer in the USA does the most in annual sales?


Home Depot


How much did the average American spend on Black Friday in 2021?





What action figure is the holiday season’s must-have toy in “Jingle All The Way”?

Demon Slayer

Max Headroom

Turbo-Man Action Figure

Mega Man

In the 1960s, what did Philadelphia department stores attempt to rebrand Black Friday?

Coupon Day

Happy Friday

Big Friday

Shoppers Day

In 2021, how many dollars were spent on Black Friday online shopping?

$221.9 billion

$8.9 billion

$1.9 billion

$28.9 billion

American factories in the 1950s used the term Black Friday for e workers who did what after Thanksgiving?

Went On Strike

Called In Sick

Worked Overtime


What generation was the top Black Friday shopper in 2022?

Generation Z


Generation X


What is the Monday shopping day after Thanksgiving called?

Blue Monday

Monday Returns

Cyber Monday

Monday Money Day

Who was the top Black Friday retailer for the second year in a row in 2021?





In Mexico, Black Friday is called what?

El Buen Fin

Regalos Gratis

Gran Viernes

Mucha Diversion

On what date in 2022 did Cyber Monday fall?

30th of November

28th of November

26th of November

1st of December

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