21 Labor Day Trivia Questions to Commemorate the Holiday

There are dozens of holidays out there. Armistice Day is for the World War I historians, Arbor Day is a fun occasion to hug a tree, and Christmas is nice for indulging in commercialism. But only one mainstream holiday commemorates the work that built and upholds the country: Labor Day.

Besides marking the shift from summer to fall, Labor Day also is one of only a few federal holidays established to commemorate a citizen-led movement–in this case, the nineteenth-century labor rights movement. If you’re ready to join in that proud history, dive into these Labor Day trivia questions and answers!

Do you know when Labor Day became a federal holiday? Do you know which two holidays besides Labor Day were created to honor popular justice movements? Can you guess the state that hosted the very first Labor Day celebration, all the way back in 1887? If so, you’re ready for the quiz!

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What inspiring film based on a true story tells the life story of Chris Gardner, a successful American investor, and businessman?

Legally Blonde

Million Dollar Baby

The Social Network

The Pursuit of Happyness

What do most Americans do on Labor Day?


Go Skiing

Go Christmas Shopping

Watch The Super Bowl

Which labor union has the most members in the USA?


National Education Association

United Steelworkers

Transport Workers Union

Whose 2013 book is “Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead”?

Oprah Winfrey

Rachel Maddow

Sarah Jaffe

Sheryl Sandberg

The television series “Mad Men” is centered around what industry?

Criminal Law




As of 2022, which US city or state had the highest minimum wage?

Nashville, Tennessee


Emeryville, California


The American version of the television series “The Office” is centered around what type of business?

Pest Control

Law Office

Paper Company

Recycling Plant

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, what was the unemployment rate near the end of 2022 for people aged 55 and older?

6.5 Percent

12.5 Percent

2.5 Percent

.5 Percent

Which Canadian band wrote and performed the 80’s hit “Working for the Weekend”?


The Tragically Hip



What is the name for the scientific design of a workplace to fit the user’s needs?





What month of the year is Labor Day celebrated in the USA?





Who is the author the New York Times calls “the voice of aging baby boomers seeking meaningful and sustaining work later in life”?

Kerry Hannon

Marc Freedman

Michael Moore

Elon Musk

Which terms may be considered an indication of an age-discriminatory mindset in the workplace?

Prompt, Cooperative

Diverse, Helpful

Energetic, Fresh Faces

Seasoned, Skilled

Which of these songs about the workplace was released in November 1980 by Dolly Parton?

Takin’ Care Of Business

A Hard Days Night

9 to 5

She Works Hard For The Money

The Uniform Monday Holiday Act made sure holidays fell on Mondays. What year did that pass into law?





According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, what percent of Americans over 55 work for themselves?

Nearly 10 Percent

Nearly 40 Percent

Nearly 20 Percent

Nearly 75 Percent

What film’s story is a good example of the power of team building and bringing out the best in people?

Pulp Fiction

Punch-Drunk Love

Coach Carter

Lars and the Real Girl

What was the motivating factor for two-thirds of women who have started a business since January 2020?

Bored At Work

Easy To Do



What is the title of Jay Levinson’s book that helped revolutionize marketing strategies for small-business owners?

Bumble Bee Marketing

Guerilla Marketing

Zebra Marketing

Tiger Marketing

Which of these terms refers to an openly designed office space in which everyone is visible?


Remote Office



What is no longer necessary to include on your resume?

Full Mailing Address

Goals Or Values

Email Address

Job History

You can do better

Not bad


Short description

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