24 Cinco de Mayo Trivia Questions to Get You in the Mood To Celebrate

Is Cinco de Mayo an official national holiday in Mexico itself? Who popularized the celebration in the United States and why? Which battle is Cinco de Mayo meant to commemorate? Why is that battle such a big deal even today? Which country did Mexico defeat during that battle? Who is Ignacio Zaragoza? What special competition is held in some Southwestern states for Cinco de Mayo (hint: it involves tiny Mexican dogs)?

If you love history, especially Mexican history, then Cinco de Mayo is just the niche holiday and trivia category for you. Test your knowledge on this oft-misunderstood holiday that the Mexican community in the United States has largely adopted as its own with this great set of Cinco de Mayo trivia questions and answers. Even if you are the leading expert on history in your friend group, there’s no doubt some of these answers will surprise you.

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Which country celebrates Cinco de Mayo more?


The United States



What is the official dish of Cinco de Mayo?



Mole Poblano


Which type of music is usually played during Cinco de Mayo celebrations?

Rock Music

Mariachi Music

Pop Music

Country Music

What colors are associated with Cinco de Mayo?

Red, White and Green

Red and Black

Black, White and Green

Blue and Purple

Which fruit is known for being widely purchased during Cinco de Mayo?





How is Cinco de Mayo viewed in Mexico?

It Is A Minor Holiday

It Is Not Celebrated At All

It Is A Major Holiday

Only Children Celebrate

Which US President helped popularize Cinco de Mayo with the Good Neighbor Policy?

John F. Kennedy

Harry Truman

Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Lyndon B. Johnson

Which country was Mexico going against during their war in 1862?




The United States

Where does the biggest festival for Cinco de Mayo take place?

Mexico City

Los Angeles, California

San Antonio, Texas

Santa Fe, New Mexico

In 2017, how did the Corona beer company celebrate Cinco de Mayo in New York City’s Times Square?

By launching a new lime-flavored beer

By hosting a ‘Lime Drop’ event with the Times Square Ball resembling a lime wedge

By giving out free beers to all attendees

By sponsoring a traditional Mexican dance performance

How did the Chicano Rights movement in the 1960s and 1970s use Cinco de Mayo?

As a day to promote traditional Mexican music and dance

To organize community clean-up events

To raise funds for educational programs

As a symbol of pride and cultural resistance

Who led the Mexican army to victory against French forces on May 5, 1862?

General Ignacio Zaragoza

General Antonio López de Santa Anna

General Emiliano Zapata

General Pancho Villa

How is Cinco de Mayo celebrated in Mexico?

Political Speeches


Battle Reenactments

All Of Them

Which leader decided to wage war against Mexico in 1862?

King Edward

Jerome Bonaparte

Napoleon III

Otto Von Bismarck

Where does the “Celebrate Culture” festival for Cinco de Mayo take place?

New York City

Denver, Colorado

Puebla, Mexico

Houston, Texas

How is Cinco de Mayo typically celebrated in the United States?

Street Festivals

At Churches

At Restaurants

At The Beach

What is the significance of Cinco de Mayo?

Battle of Puebla Victory

Mexican Independence Day

Labor Day

Day of the Dead

What year did Congress declare Cinco de Mayo an official US holiday?





What kind of alcohol is the most purchased and consumed during Cinco de Mayo?





Why did other nations want to take Mexico to war in 1862?

Mexico Threatened Them

To Seize Their Land

For Slavery Purposes

Unpaid Debt

What day is Cinco de Mayo on?

September 16th

May 5th

October 5th

May 15th

Who was the President of Mexico during the battle in 1862, which later was called Cinco de Mayo?

Benito Juarez

Hernan Cortes

Ignacio Comonfort

Porfirio Diaz

Which country is Cinco de Mayo largely celebrated, in addition to the US and Mexico?





Which city in Mexico mainly celebrates Cinco de Mayo?

Mexico City




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