22 Mother’s Day Trivia Questions To Celebrate Moms, Aunts, and Grandmothers Everywhere

Mothers carry their children for nine months, undergo a painful, yet beautiful birthing process, and jump into caring for their newborns without much time to catch their breath. No wonder moms have a holiday that celebrates them for all their sacrifices. Even as an adoptive mother or god mom, those who have assumed the role of a little one’s maternal figure, whether they gave birth to them or not, are the definition of dedication and sacrifice. 

Do you know who founded Mother’s Day and just how busy of a national holiday it is in America? If you don’t know already, you will know now with these Mother’s Day trivia questions and answers. 

Are you feeling in a learning mood? Test your knowledge on Father’s day trivia, Baby trivia, and Nursery Rhymes trivia to become a super mom in many topics when your little one asks you all those pressing questions.

When is Mother’s Day celebrated every year in the USA?

Second Sunday In June

May 15th

First Sunday In May

Second Sunday In May

Who is the mother of David Bowie’s only son, Zowie?


Bianca Jagger



On “Seinfeld”, what does George’s mom call him?


Georgey Peorgey

Short, Stalky, Baldman


Who is the Greek goddess of motherhood?





Tiger Woods’s mother comes from which country?

South Africa


United States


Whose mom did Fountains of Wayne sing about in the hit song?





What is the number one thing gifted to moms from their kids on Mother’s Day?




Greeting Cards

Who is Suri Cruise’s famous mother?

Meryl Streep

Tippi Hedren

Katie Holmes


Who recorded the hit single “Mother And Child Reunion” in 1972?

Little Eva

Paul Simon


Christina Aguilera

Debbie Reynolds is the mother of which “Star Wars” star?

Stockard Channing

Carrie Fisher

Sally Field

Liza Minelli

Which actor’s mother was Mary Martin?

Larry Hageman

Jamie Lee Curtis

Verna Luce

Susan Lucci

What is the name of LeBron James’ mother?





Which celebrity mom belongs to Mamie Gummer?

Maureen O’Sullivan

Isabella Rossellini

Meryl Streep

Debbie Reynolds

Which celebrity mom belongs to Elettra Wiedemann?

Goldie Hawn

Blythe Danner

Isabella Rossellini

Kate Moss

Which musical legend is Liza Minnelli’s mother?

Betty Allen

Judy Garland

Ethel Merman

Debbie Reynolds

Which celebrity mom belongs to Gwyneth Paltrow?

Kate Moss

Katie Holmes

Maureen O’Sullivan

Blythe Danner

What U.S. president made Mother’s Day an official holiday?

Woodrow Wilson

Bill Clinton

John F Kennedy

Abe Lincoln

Which Beatles mother bought her son his first guitar in 1956?

Ringo Starr

Paul McCartney

John Lennon

George Harrison

Who is Rumer Willis’ famous mother?

Kate Hudson

Demi Moore

Kate Moss

Blythe Danner

What is the average age for first-time mothers in 2020?

21.1 Years Old

27.1 Years Old

23.1 Years Old

37.1 Years Old

Why was Mother’s Day originally suggested in the United States?

To Sell Flowers

To Give Worker’s A Day Off

As A Rally For Peace

For Equal Rights

Anna Jarvis started the tradition of wearing what on Mother’s Day?

Hoop Earrings

A Carnation

Pink Hat


You can do better

Not bad


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