40 Thanksgiving Trivia Questions To See If You Deserve Turkey

Are you on the hunt for some Thanksgiving trivia? Did you know that Thanksgiving only became an official American holiday in 1863? Can you guess why? Although turkeys (native to the New World) were likely consumed at the “first Thanksgiving” (our name for the gathering) in 1621, there is no specific mention of which “fowls” were captured and eaten. It’s much more likely that swans made it to the table, and perhaps even seals! 

What is the difference between Puritans and Pilgrims? What percentage of those aboard the Mayflower made it to Plymouth Rock? What was the tribe with which the settlers sat down and enjoyed a bountiful harvest of flora and fauna for the first time? When is Thanksgiving celebrated in the United States? What other country has a holiday called Thanksgiving? If these were simple for you, give the rest of these Thanksgiving trivia questions and answers a go, perhaps with the whole family!

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Which berry is traditionally eaten at Thanksgiving and Christmas in the US?





During Thanksgiving, many people have one of what on their table?

Basket Of Plenty

Good N Plenty


Horn Of Triumph

What is the Monday shopping day after Thanksgiving called?

Blue Monday

Cyber Monday

Monday Returns

Monday Money Day

What role does Wednesday play in the camp’s Thanksgiving play in “The Addams Family Values”?

Amelia Earhart

Elanor Roosevelt



What is the loose skin under a male turkey’s neck called?





Who was the leader of the Wampanoag when the Pilgrims arrived at Plymouth in 1620?





What percentage of Americans eat turkey for Thanksgiving?

Estimated At 95%

Estimated At 66%

Estimated At 46%

Estimated At 7%

According to USDA, the best way to ensure Thanksgiving stuffing is safe to eat is to cook it how?

On Top Of The Turkey

Separate Form The Turkey

In Turkey’s Gravy

Inside The Turkey

On what day in November did President Franklin Roosevelt set Thanksgiving in 1939?

Third Thursday

Third Friday

Second Sunday

Fourth Thursday

How long did the Pilgrims’ first feast last?

1 day

3 days

A week

They’re still partying.

Which President started the trend of giving turkeys a free pass?

Abraham Lincoln

John F. Kennedy

George H. W. Bush

Theodore Roosevelt

When did runners first gobble-gobble their way through the inaugural Turkey Trot?





What kind of pie is traditionally made for Thanksgiving?

Chocolate Pie

Lemon Pie

Key Lime Pie

Pumpkin Pie

How long is the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade route?

12 Miles

3/4 Mile

6 Miles

2 1/2 Miles

According to Roto-Rooter, the day after Thanksgiving is the year’s busiest day for who?





How many degrees F must the innermost part of the thigh of a turkey reach to be done cooking?

265 Degrees F

125 Degrees F

165 Degrees F

225 Degrees F

What happened at a previous Thanksgiving holiday with his parents that made it the worst holiday for Chandler on “Friends”?

Parents Forgot The Holiday

Family Left Him Home Alone

Caught Him With Dirty Magazines

Parents Announced Divorce

How long should a cooked turkey rest after you have removed the turkey from the oven?

At Least 1/2 Hour


Ten Minutes

No Need To Rest

How does the USDA recommend thawing your frozen turkey?

In The Sun

In The Refrigerator

Cook It Frozen

Leave It Out Overnight

What classic rocker released the song “Thanksgiving Day” in 2005?

James Taylor

Ozzy Osbourne

Joe Cocker

Ray Davies

How many calories are contained in the average American Thanksgiving dinner?





What shape is a Thanksgiving cornucopia or horn of plenty?

Corn Cob


Pilgrim Hat


What was the first cartoon character featured in Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade?

Donald Duck

Bullwinkle The Moose

Felix The Cat

Mickey Mouse

What is the web domain name for the National Turkey Federation?

You can do better

Not bad


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