21 ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Trivia Questions To Get You Out Of The On-Call Room

When the show started in mid-season 2005, no one expected Grey’s Anatomy to gather a cult following and be on the air almost 20 years later. But the show has been with us from the (mis)adventures of young interns Meredith, Christina, Izzy, George, and Alex, to the gut-wrenching moments of death and destruction, through parenthood and the COVID-19 crisis.

Only die-hard fans have stuck with the show from the start, and these Grey’s Anatomy trivia questions and answers are for them. If seeing Meredith and Christina dance in the kitchen brings tears to your eyes, you call Dr. Webber “Chief,” and you still can’t talk about George, then this Grey’s Anatomy trivia is perfect for you.

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What is Meredith’s mom’s name on the show “Grey’s Anatomy”?





What reoccurring role did William Daniels play in “Grey’s Anatomy”?

Dr. Parker

Dr. Craig Thomas

Dr. Robert Stark

Dr. Thomas Craig

Why did Cristina come back to Seattle on “Grey’s Anatomy” season 9?

Missed The Rain

To Run For Mayor

Mentor In Minnesota Died

Got Fired

Where did Christina Yang go to medical school on “Grey’s Anatomy”?

Smith College

Stanford University

Harvard University

Dartmouth College

On “Grey’s Anatomy”, what hospital wanted Alex Karev for a fellowship?

Tufts Medical Center

Yale-New Haven Hospital

Johns Hopkins Hospital

Loyola University Medical Center

On “Grey’s Anatomy”, which actress has played the role of Dr. Catherine Avery?

Debra Monk

Debbie Allen

Constance Zimmer

Holley Fein

In season seven of “Grey’s Anatomy”, what mistake puts Meredith’s career in jeopardy?

Alters a study

Comes to work drunk

Has an affair

Won’t treat a patient

Who directed the first episode of season 19 of “Grey’s Anatomy”?

George Clooney

Shonda Rhimes

Sandra Oh

Debbie Allen

“Private Practice” is a spin-off that follows which “Grey’s Anatomy” character?

Dr. Addison Montgomery

Dr. Miranda Bailey

Dr. Cristina Yang

Dr. Meredith Grey

Christina on “Grey’s Anatomy” is played by what actress?

Sandra Oh

Katherine Heigl

Ellen Pompeo

Chandra Wilson

Who created the series “Grey’s Anatomy”?

Dick Wolf

Dan Cortese

Sheldon Leonard

Shonda Rhimes

What kind of Doctor is Arizona Robbins on “Grey’s Anatomy”?

Cardiothoracic Surgeon


Pediatric Surgeon


What reoccurring role does Frankie Faison play in “Grey’s Anatomy”?

Dr. Jeff Russell

Carlos Torres

Dr. Robert Stark

William Bailey

Who became a resident in the sixteenth season of “Grey’s Anatomy”?

Lucas Adams

Erica Hahn

Stephanie Edwards

Levi Schmitt

What is the name of Patrick Dempsey’s character on TV’s “Grey’s Anatomy”?

Dr. Derek Shepherd

Dr. George O’Malley

Dr. Kevin Sykes

Dr. Mark Sloan

How did Izzie of TV’s “Grey’s Anatomy” pay for medical school?


Selling Plasma

Working At McDonalds


On “Grey’s Anatomy”, which actress has played the role of Dr. Stephanie Edwards?

Jerrika Hinton

Neve Campbell

Kate Moss

Camilla Luddington

What pop star popped in for treatment on “Grey’s Anatomy” in May 2010?

Selena Gomez

Elton John

Miley Cyrus

Demi Lovato

What kind of Surgeon is Derek Shepherd on “Grey’s Anatomy”?


Orthopedic Surgeon

Pediatric Surgeon

Plastic Surgeon

On “Grey’s Anatomy”, which actress has played the role of Rachel Dawson?

Tessa Ferrer

Debra Mooney

Enid Graham

Mandy Moore

What nickname does Derek Shepherd go by on “Grey’s Anatomy”?





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