21 Karate Kid Trivia Questions That Are Sure To Land A Hit

Any fan of The Karate Kid knows how complex and engaging this story is. The plot follows young Daniel Larousso after a recent move to Los Angeles, and this young teen has a lot to learn. Fortunately, a wise and patient karate master can help him game the skills he will need to make his place in a new world. Of course, the lessons he learns are more valuable than he could have ever imagined.

This film is not only highly entertaining, but it is also incredibly inspiring and well-loved among 80s movie fans. Everything from the setting to the writing is impeccably done, and you might be surprised at how many inconspicuous details are hidden throughout the story. If you think you are an expert on everything Mr. Miyagi has to teach, why not test your knowledge with The Karate Kid trivia questions and answers? Prove once and for all that the student has become the master.

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Where do the cars come from in Mr. Miyagi’s collection that Daniel washes in “The Karate Kid”?

Des Moines




What was the reason for Miyagi going to Daniel’s apartment when they first met in “The Karate Kid”?

His Sink Was Broken

He Was Dating His Mother

He Needed Help Training

He Was Returning Money

In “The Karate Kid,” which of the following is not one of Daniel’s training tasks?

Wash The Windows

Sand The Floor

Wax The Car

Paint The Fence

Who was offered the role of Daniel LaRusso in the film “The Karate Kid” yet turned it down?

Both Of Them

Charlie Sheen

None Of Them

Sean Penn

In what year was the film “The Karate Kid” released?





Who plays Miyagi in the film “The Karate Kid”?

Pat Morita

William Zabka

Bruce Lee

Jackie Chan

According to Kreese, what does not exist in the dojo in “The Karate Kid”?



All Of Them


Who plays Daniel LaRusso in “The Karate Kid”?

Chad McQueen

Ralph Macchio

Leonardo DiCaprio

Martin Kove

What color car does Daniel pick out from Mr. Miyagi’s collection in the movie “The Karate Kid”?





What excuse did Daniel give to Miyagi and his mother about his black eye in “The Karate Kid”?

A Dog Did It

He Fell Down The Stairs

He Fell Off His Bike

He Got In A Fight

Before Los Angeles, where did Daniel and his mother live in “The Karate Kid”?

New Jersey

New Hampshire

New York

New Mexico

What was the name of the tournament that Daniel LaRusso fought in the 1980s classic “The Karate Kid”?

The Battle Of Los Angeles

The Southern California Karate Championships

The All Valley Under 18 Karate Championships

The Napa Valley Under 18 Karate Exhibition

Which birthday does Daniel celebrate in the film “The Karate Kid”?

His 18th

His 21st

His 25th

His 16th

Which character was not one of Daniel’s bullies in the film “The Karate Kid”?





In “The Karate Kid”, Miyagi told Daniel, “Karate here, Karate here, Karate never here” what was this cryptic-sounding message saying?

Use Your Hands And Feet, Never Your Mouth

Karate Comes From The Heart And Mind, Never The Gut

Practice Karate At Home Or In Private, Never In Public

Strike To The Head And The Midsection, Never To The Heart!

What do Daniel and Ali claim to need when they are at Golf N Stuff in the movie “The Karate Kid”?

More Time

Hot Dogs


Bathing Suits

What gets thrown at Daniel’s head when he dances with Ali at the Halloween dance in “The Karate Kid”?

A Rock

An Egg



Who says, “You trust the quality of what you know, not quantity” in the film “The Karate Kid”?





Which Japanese city is Mr. Miyagi from in the film “The Karate Kid”?





In “The Karate Kid,” how does Sensei Kreese finish the phrase “A man confronts you…”?

Take Him Out

Wait And See What He Does

He Is The Enemy

Don’t React Too Quickly

Who directed the 1984 drama, “The Karate Kid”?

John G. Avildsen

Mel Brooks

Ben Stiller

John Badham

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Not bad


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