21 Die Hard Trivia Questions: Yippee Ki-Yay!

Have you ever found yourself crawling through an air duct with a cigarette lighter and wondered where the night went wrong? In 1988, Bruce Willis starred as John McClane in a film that changed how they made action movies for a long time. Die Hard was such a good movie that every filmmaker wanted to make their version of it. Now it is a franchise of six films, and there are talks of a TV series on the way.

Do you know what the name of the office building was in the first Die Hard? What was the name of Samuel L. Jackson’s character in Die Hard With a Vengeance? What was the only film in the series that wasn’t rated R? If you know the answer to these questions, you could be ready to test your knowledge with these Die Hard trivia questions and answers.

Kick off your shoes, but try not to run across broken glass, and enjoy this Die Hard trivia quiz. When you’re done you can finish off your game night with our The Matrix, Jurassic Park, Christmas movie trivia and 90s movie trivia quizzes to crown the trivia king or queen in your group.

Which actor portrayed CIA agent and Jack McClane’s partner Mike Collins in “A Good Day to Die Hard”?

Amaury Nolasco

Cole Hauser

Sebastian Koch

Jai Courtney

In “Die Hard”, where was John McClane hiding when the building’s president was shot in the head?

Hanging Out The Window

Under A Table

In The Ventilation System

Behind The Door

In “Live Free or Die Hard”, who was taken hostage by Thomas Gabriel?

Mai Linh

Lucy McClane

Holly Gennero

John McClane Jr.

In “A Good Day to Die Hard”, what does John Jr. call McLane until the end of the film?





In “A Good Day to Die Hard”, which character worked for Viktor Chagarin’s enforcer Alik?

Irina Komarov

John McClane

Yuri Komarov

Jack McClane

Which actor portrayed government whistleblower Yuri Komarov in “A Good Day to Die Hard”?

Sebastian Koch

Amaury Nolasco

Sergei Kolesnikov

Cole Hauser

In the film “A Good Day to Die Hard”, who planned on incriminating Yuri Komarov without a fair trial?

Jack McClane

John McClane

Irina Komarov

Viktor Chagarin

In “Die Hard”, what did Hans say his name was when he met up with John checking all the detonators?

Bill Clay

John Smith

Joe Sanders

Ben Morris

Who played computer hacker Matt Farrell in the film “Live Free or Die Hard”?

Justin Long

Timothy Olyphant

Ben Affleck

Scott Speedman

What is the rating of the US version of the film “A Good Day to Die Hard”?





In “Die Hard”, what did one of the characters say he would give when Theo asked for a miracle?

A Pizza

Christmas Music


The Combination

Who played Simon in “Die Hard III”?

Jeremy Irons

Jackie Chan

Bruce Willis

John Travolta

Who is the true main antagonist in the film “A Good Day to Die Hard”?

Irina Komarov

Viktor Chagarin

Yuri Komarov


What title was the film “Live Free or Die Hard” released as outside North America?

Die Hard IV

Die Hard Four

Die Hard Part 4

Die Hard 4.0

In the film “Live Free or Die Hard”, what was John McClane’s last line?

Jesus, Lucy.


Damn hamster!

Sexy, right?

What was the full name of Simon, the villain in “Die Hard With a Vengeance”?

Hans Simon Gruber

Carl Simon Gruber

Simon Peter Gruber

Simon Fritz Gruber

In “Live Free or Die Hard”, which actress portrayed John McClane’s estranged daughter Lucy?

Britney Spears

Jessica Simpson

Taylor Fry

Mary Elizabeth Winstead

The film “A Good Day to Die Hard” ended in which city?

New York City

Washington, D.C.


Los Angeles

In “A Good Day to Die Hard”, who told John McClane he found his estranged son Jack in Russia?



Yuri Komarov

Mike Collins

In the film “A Good Day to Die Hard”, what is John McClane’s cell phone ringtone?

Ode To Joy

Fur Elise

Moonlight Sonata


In “Live Free or Die Hard”, how is hacker Frederick Kaludis better known?





Which actor played NYPD detective and John McClane’s friend Murphy in “A Good Day to Die Hard”?

Sebastian Koch

Cole Hauser

Jai Courtney

Amaury Nolasco

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